Custom packaging isn’t simply a nice-to-have, it’s fast becoming an essential element of any retailer’s sales strategy. Whether you sell online, instore, or a combination of the two, today’s marketplace is a crowded one. Custom packaging plays a vital role in helping your product stand out from competitors.

The following details 4 ways that custom packaging can directly impact your sales.

It’s all about the design

No matter whether a product is viewed in-person or on a web page, a striking design plays an enormous part in having your brand noticed. When potential customers browse, packaging is the first – and often only – thing they see. This outer layer is what will make a person stop and take notice. Whether this means physically picking it up from a shelf or clicking on the product to discover more, it’s this initial action that begins the sales funnel down which a consumer travels to eventually make a purchase.

Non-descript packaging dramatically reduces the likelihood of this crucial first move. This makes it vital to get the packaging design right so they’re tempted to investigate the product further.

Effective custom packaging speaks to your consumers

Just because custom packaging needs to be produced in bulk doesn’t mean that it can’t be personal. Short runs for seasonal goods, packaging that targets certain members of the family (Dear Mum, Dear Cousin, etc), custom packaging that promotes a discount or special offer… There are a ton of ways to utilise creative design to speak to those who’re about to purchase your product. This, in turn, makes the consumer feel that bit more connected with your company and more likely to remember you – something that increases the chance that they’ll return in the future and make further purchases.

Commit to realistic and sustainable packaging

Custom packaging should be the right size and strength to protect and display your product but light enough to be economically shipped. Over-sized packaging creates the need for extra filling to cushion the goods inside. In addition, it adds unnecessary weight to shipping costs. Be sure to utilise recyclable, biodegradable or compostable packaging and advertise the fact to purchasers. Sustainability and a commitment to environmental responsibilities is becoming increasingly important when it comes to consumer buying choices.

Add some promotional material to the packaging:

This could be as simple as a business card inside the box to something customised on the packaging itself. You could consider adding a QR code to encourage customers to discover more about your brand – something far more likely to be of use than a simple website address.

Custom packaging is something that all businesses should consider, no matter what their size. Creating the ultimate design needs an expert touch, so taking professional advice will often be the case unless this is your area of proficiency. Bespoke packaging can often be more affordable than you think, with many suppliers offering off-the-shelf solutions that can be customised to your needs as well as the option of unique packaging solutions.