I love coming from mindset angles in business, well because that’s what I do, but also because it feels so easy to do everything else – to sign up for another skills course, to learn a new way for organising & doing your bookkeeping. They are the easy parts in business, yet sometimes we still may feel stuck. Sometimes we wonder what decision to make next. Sometimes we question our ability to perform, even though we “thought” we had prepared ourselves, through hard skills & other lessons to put our best foot forward each day.

Dreaming Does not Create Action

Human behaviour is one key area I work on with my clients in business, because actions including your behaviours, can help you to get closer to business goals, or further away. Behaviours can be anything that you are doing with thought, or even those subconscious behaviours that you said you would NEVER do again, yet just discovered yourself going through the motions without realising until it was almost too late. You may even refer to them as self-sabotage patterns?

What is it that motivates you? What type of thinker or time manager are you? What mindset & belief patterns are you coming from to create your business? When you understand them, you can work more effectively with yourself, you feel more motivated & passionate about what you are doing too.

Time management

We all want more time, or at least learn to utilise our time as best as possible. I want to introduce you now to a time management concept with two type of ‘masters of time’. See if you can recognise yourself.

The first, lets call them Type 1 – they wake up in the morning and think immediately about the future. What’s for dinner, that they have a meeting at 3pm, that next week there is a meeting that they have to get ready for. Type 1 are rarely late and notice how long tasks are taking them to do. They are always ready for the next step and thinking about what is coming next.

While they are future thinkers they often look out so far that they forget what is going on right now. They spend loads of time in the future that sometimes they realise they have fallen behind on action steps to be ready when they hit the future ‘deadline’. They think in terms of ‘outcome’.

Then there is Type 2 – they love focusing on what they are doing right now. They will often get absorbed in a task and the time will just disappear. Not just occasionally, very regularly. Even if they have an appointment or something scheduled in, if they start doing something 2 minutes before the appointment, they still become absorbed in what they are doing at the time, and find themselves often running late.

Type 2 are great at actioning tasks for right now. They will often though discuss or think through what needs to be done as they don’t default their thoughts to ‘down the track’. They think in terms of right now so often forget about the desired outcome and can sometimes feel burnt out because they are so busy right now, they forget what & where they are headed.

There are benefits to both type of time manager and while one type can often drive the other time completely crazy, it is important to identify with who you are most of the time in order to understand it & work better with yourself.

If you are Type 1:

Once you have thought of the future outcome, break down the steps that you need to do to reach it. Think in terms of milestones & spell out what needs to be done to reach the milestone

If you are type 2

Remind yourself of the desired outcome, the ‘dream’. It may be hard to see it down the track, yet remember that what you are doing now is getting you closer to a future goal. You could even try setting a timer for an allocated amount of time to help you keep track of it.

Learning about us in different ways can be extremely freeing, have us laughing at what we once found frustrating and of course, create action & results!