As the CEO you may question the journey you are on at times, wondering if you have sold out completely to the “corporate world” or that your values are no longer congruent with the clients you are taking on.  It is at these times that you need to centre yourself and take a moment to remember why you do what you do and is there a need for change or is it just reinvigorating your passion.


We all know of the “7 year itch”, whether it be in love or business and being in my 22nd year of business, three times I have thought about running away to a deserted island where I don’t have to think about; BAS, PAYG, employees mistakes, clients demands and social media updates on what we are doing every minute of the day!  Now don’t get me wrong I love what I do and have amazing clients and a great team on the whole, however, as a person every so often there is that little voice inside my head saying “Is this it am I being true to myself”?  So before you begin to resent your business, lets look at a few areas that could be improved upon or developed.


Are you still true to your core values?  Expansion is wonderful and for any business to survive it needs to grow, however, you need to truly look at your offering.  Is there an opportunity to add a whole new range or a complimentary program or do you begin your journey in a whole new direction?

Take the time to listen to your clients, how are their businesses evolving and can you offer a product or service that will assist them to grow their business and not have them looking at your competitors for alternatives and options.

Have you identified a gap in the market and you know that what you have will fill it?

Look at your client list are there A,B,C and D clients?  Can you develop the D’s into A’s or do you cut them loose?  Is there a new target market for your business that you can explore?


What tasks in your business take up a lot of your time and you do under sufferance?  Is there someone in your business currently who could undertake these tasks or do you need to recruit or even outsource?

Employ a person with drive, passion, initiative, great work ethic and ideas.  It may not be easy to find someone but it’s not impossible and it’s worth waiting to find the right one instead of taking on “anyone”.  Review your needs, write a job description and recruit with the end purpose in mind.


When you sit at your desk what are you looking at?  Now close your eyes and picture your ideal workspace.  What do you need to change to create your ideal workspace?

How has your business changed since you moved into your current workplace?  If you have had a recruitment drive and now have staff sharing desks or you have down sized, could you relocate to a larger or smaller space depending on your need now and over the coming year or two?  By relocating would you save money, be able to employ more team members or just have a better outlook to the outside world.


Giving back whether it be time or money impacts on the receiver as well as the giver. Many team members today look at a company’s values and culture before joining the team and regard a business who supports a charity with more than just a cheque, is high on their radar when seeking employment.  When it comes to charity, you have to know the reason why your business is supporting it; is it a tax write off or is it something that you or someone close has been effected by or is it a global problem.  Be honest, the amount of energy and time you and your team devote to it, will certainly make your motives known rather quickly.  There is no right or wrong reason, just know the why.


Make the time in your diary to take some time out of the business, to regain your passion and enthusiasm. You may want to get away completely or take a few days out of the office to create your “Journey”, revisit past ideas, create new goals but most of all be happy within yourself that you have chosen the journey for you.  It is your choice and only you can make the decision and the changes needed.