Facebook live remains one of the cheapest and easiest ways to market your business, on the largest social media platform, for FREE.
And yet only 1 in 6 videos on Facebook is a live one.
This marketing tool can 10x your reach, engage your audience, and let them get to know, like and trust you FAST.
And yet many small business owners and entrepreneurs are reluctant. Possibly put off by the technology, the mechanics, and just not knowing where to start.
We are excited to be joined by Video Guru Jenny De Lacey as she shares with us the Five Steps From Unseen to Unstoppable With Facebook Live

In this skills webinar  Five Steps From Unseen to Unstoppable With Facebook Live we will cover:

  • the four key ingredients required to make Facebook live work for YOU
  • Five steps to create facebook live posts that will nail your message and engage your audience
  • post production tips to amplify your content
Let’s get your video mojo on!

Meet Jenny:

Jenny is a video marketing coach, educator and speaker, with 25 years experience creatig programs for, and presenting to, audiences from 2-200 across diverse industries. From sole traders to corporates. Jenny helps successfully implement video marketing to grow the people, profile and profit of your business.

World Social Media Day Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1057504354396568/

PDF: Five Steps From Unsung To Unstoppable With Facebook Live-2

Special Offer from Jenny this June

Jenny has an amazing offer for all our attendees to take her Facebook Live Masterclass for $97 you can secure your spot here.