The luxury market might be exclusive, but its lessons aren’t – every business can glean some valuable takeaways from the high-end space. Here’s what we’ve learned from less than two years in the luxury market creating unforgettable experiences for our clients.

It’s not about the money, it’s about the connection

For us, no request is too big. We’ve orchestrated lavish proposals in stunning locations from the Great Wall of China to Sydney Harbour, and we deal with clients for whom money is no obstacle.

But the real luxury isn’t in the diamonds and caviar. It’s about connecting with our clients to deliver a creative, one-of-a-kind experience. Forging a genuine connection with clients is crucial, because it allows us to tailor their proposals to their personality.

We act as event planners, counsellors, secret-keepers and travel agents all wrapped up into one, and are always careful to make sure even the wildest plans start with an understanding of the person at the receiving end of the proposal.

Offer something unique

To really compete in your space, you need to find your niche – and this is where luxury brands stand out. They offer products and experiences you can’t find anywhere else.

Our success has come from our ability to tap into the male psyche to help guide nervous boyfriends into pulling off a memorable and romantic proposal.

We work one-on-one with our clients, doing everything from providing wardrobe advice to helping choose the ring. We become their best mate – and offering that intimate rapport has really helped our brand grow.

Find your business’s unique space, and the sky’s the limit!

Communicate clearly

A strong line of communication is essential to every business – not only is it important to keep operations running smoothly, but it’ll ensure your clients feel comfortable being in your (capable) hands.

We learned really quickly that communicating effectively with our clients was crucial to our success. Not only do we need to be on the same page to create their dream proposal, a huge part of our service is discretion and secrecy. That means we have to be on the ball to ensure every communication is crystal clear.

Working hard to get this right adds value to any business.

Exceed expectations

Luxury brands aim not just to meet their expectations, but exceed them – and it’s a worthwhile strategy for every start-up to focus on.

It’s been key to the success of our business—we go to great lengths to make the wildest proposal ideas come to life.

Our clients often have very detailed concepts in mind and need our help to bring them to life – we try to anticipate our clients’ needs and delight them with our solutions.