A 15 yr dream, an 11 year vision, a 9 year plan…8 years of action…blood, sweat, tears, affirmations. My business ideas, opportunities and reality were never about ego but always driven by heart and soul. 

I’m a self funded sole trader previously operating a book and event cafe where other small businesses collaborated with us to use our space for meetings and events. The City of Marion Council contributed through an Urban Activation project funding  to help make our little business strip look more like ‘Hyde Park at Plympton Park’

My vision board said “Congratulations you are an award winner”. It became true having won a council community award in 2017 

Once established progress was fairly swift, I felt a little battle scarred and at times I may have not always ‘won the war’ but I held onto my vision with heart and soul with the knowledge and belief of supporting community and doing something I loved while making a difference in people’s lives

Life outside of business was often admin, financials, organising, ordering, shopping. A beach walk, grandparenting, dinner with daughters and…last but not least meditation/mindfulness and sleep. Where was the time with friends and family? It sometimes seemed a little lost in the equation! 

There was an occasional coffee, wine or evening with friends and an even more occasional…holiday 😝

My choices and I’m not complaining just very aware as I watched and listened to customers leaving or returning from travel adventures. 

Admittedly travel  was never really on my vision boards. Actually I lie. It was there for my 50th to Fiji, a cruise with friends and holiday to Singapore and Abu Dhabi to visit family. More recently Hawaii and I’m very happy with those experiences and memories but always glad to get home. 

On my last ‘significant’ birthday I travelled  to Bali for my daughters wedding. We were extremely lucky as Covid struck the following year  

A little more self care still wouldn’t go astray me thinks🤔. I lost weight over the ‘COVID’ years of having a business. Some intentionally exercising and eating well, other times, just no time to eat. I still monitor some health issues, partly ageing, partly genetics and no doubt partly poor choices over time, haven’t we all?

Tonight I’m taking some time for myself, reflecting while listening to some tunes at a beachside wine bar on a cold winters day. Sitting alone, writing, watching and waiting, for a serve of potato wedges…oops hardly healthy, but warm and comforting, along with the scotch and coke. Sitting in a lounge (ish) chair and listening to the squeals of children running in and out of the bar with parents in and outside. I think the children are those of the proprietor although not certain. They are doing no harm playing chasey and darting between the outdoor tables and stools. Another day it could bother me, today I’m practicing staying present in my zone and being zen. So far so good 😊 

A friend is playing music here and singing Mustang Sally. A throwback from my years following bands and going to nightclubs. Memories of the way ‘I was’. 

Now I listen to conversations of women , some younger than me worried about weight gain, feeling tired, cranky and ‘just not right’ – I’d like to join in and suggest perhaps they are ‘women who do too much’ or hormonal or both. They say “…it’s the sugar, I don’t eat processed foods, I go to the gym…there’s something wrong”. Well no not really, it’s nature telling your body you are pregnant, mother, midlife, midway through your journey towards ageing and leaving your young and middle adulthood behind. Not a bad thing but it can be a confusing and overwhelming time for your mind and body. 

I understand because I have been there and beyond – I’m very aware that I have surpassed another magical number 😊What will that mean for my future self? 

For all the years gone by I’ve known roughly where my next dollar will come from, have faced and conquered fears, have had a vision for the future and achieved goals. 

By no means has it been a bad life, in fact I’d say I’ve failed, progressed, been happy and successful. I’m certainly grateful and appreciate the qualities I have inherited or gleaned from learning, observing and living a resilient and often passionate life and career. 

I’ve loved and lost, I’ve struggled and stood tall in the face of adversity. I’ve enjoyed and endured and I am here to tell the story…and that is what I will do…while supporting others to fulfil their dreams and ambitions! 

My journey will resonate with some, help others and provide opportunities for success and happiness. So here I go, here I go, here I go…I’m inspired ‘once again’ 

Thank you for joining me here and I look forward to supporting your business vision and journey while trusting the process, living, loving and learning