Author: Judy Forbes

Navigating the Business Journey: Reflections, Learnings, and Advice from Experience

Embark on a successful business journey with insights on consistent planning, reflection, and the importance of revisiting business plans. Learn the value of networking, especially for sole traders, and the key role financial understanding plays in business growth. The article also explores the benefits of partnerships and seeking investors, offering a perspective on the flexibility of sole trading, navigating external challenges, taking risks, resilience and taking inspired action

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Fulfilling Dreams and Ambitions

A 15 yr dream, an 11 year vision, a 9 year plan, 8 years of action, blood, sweat, tears & affirmations. This article is the story behind my ambitions. My business ideas, opportunities and reality were never about ego but driven by heart and soul. At times I felt a little battle scarred and I may have not always ‘won the war’ but I held onto my vision with heart and soul, knowledge and belief of supporting community & doing something I love. I hope to inspire others who may learn my journey

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