I spoke to a leader in the hospitality industry last week. They’ve stood everyone down, but want to make sure their people make it through the shutdown okay. Here’s what we discussed:

People need three things to keep going, day after day, through uncertainty:

1. Something to do. 

This could be anything from decluttering the house, to learning how to knit, to getting totally buff, to doing a research project. It might mean being part of a book club, or writing a blog, or starting a YouTube channel. Research what special projects you could do, personally and professionally, to keep the boredom at bay.

2. Something to look forward to. 

Cabin fever will hit. Having something to break it up beyond doing the grocery shopping is key. There have been some awesome ideas like running a virtual trivia night, sharing movies/TV shows while zoomed together, having a virtual happy hour, doing a yoga class together.

3. Something or someone to care for. 

This gets us out of feeling sorry for ourselves and being in service to others. Having a pet or a plant/ garden/ herb pot is a great start. Setting up the team with buddies, or secret santas, is a great way to keep focused on others.

What are your suggestions for looking after your people?