Author: Zoe Routh

Boundless Resources: The top 10 books I send to clients

One of the things that holds leaders back from reaching their highest potential is lack of capability. We need to be growing and learning constantly to keep up with the transformation of work today. Not learning, not growing. Not growing, we’ll be left behind. Books are one of the best ways to immerse ourselves in the world of ideas and gain new skills quickly. Below are my top favourite books I have sent to clients to help them with their productivity, strategy, and influence. Productivity Dermot Crowley, Smart Work – How to boost your productivity in 3 easy steps...

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Boundless Leadership: Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn

It’s confession time. I would much rather have positive feedback than constructive. I’ve been working on this preference for years now. I *know* that constructive feedback helps me improve, shows me what I cannot see myself, and offers the pathway to elevated performance. I know this and I teach this. And goddamit it still bloody well hurts! Being able to to give and receive feedback is probably the most important leadership conversation we can have. But we can get all bent out of shape about doing just that. Giving constructive feedback is hard because we fear hurting someone’s feelings....

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Big Ideas 2018 for Boundless Leadership

We are working on Big Things this year with all my clients. The energy of stepping up and leaning in is rife and dazzling. Big Things need Big Ideas to bring them to life. Here’s what’s on the table for captains of industry, mavens of business, wizards of enterprise. These are the folks who are going Boundless – achieving more with less struggle. They are busting blocks, bridging gaps, and sailing past the headland to wild seas beyond. These are the Big Ideas they are using to keep them steady through turbulence. Team Compass Now more than ever businesses...

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Boundless Leadership: the strength you need

In exploring beyond boundaries, boundless, there have been many experiences of letting go. To explore a life in Australia, I left my culture, community and family behind in Canada. I let go of the known to seek out the new. Boundless Leadership has at its core the premise of expansion and growth. It has the energy of seeking, of evolution. Within that concept there lies another one: expansion is not uni-directional. It has movement backwards and forwards. Boundless Leadership is an oscillation between limitless possibilities, and returning to the core of who you are, and the fabric of your...

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What painful story are you telling that keeps you stuck?

“Yup that’s me. I get it from my parents.” My client sighed in resignation, defeated. She told me about her tendency to be self-critical, and how it stemmed from the lack of support and encouragement from her parents. Nothing was ever good enough. Any success was dismissed with ‘you could have done better’. My client felt she had worked hard her whole life to outrun the shadow of not being good enough. And now, exhausted and at the end of her tether, she wanted something to change. How do we escape our history? Childhood memories run deep as they...

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