This is a question we get asked a bit. The short answer is – it can be.

Expanding on that…

Traditional marketing can still be effective, but it depends on who your target market is.

Let’s start with what is traditional marketing.

Basically, it’s considered as marketing via TV, radio, print, mail and outdoor advertising. Pretty much your marketing activities that aren’t digital. So you might include networking and sponsorship in there too. 

How can traditional marketing be effective?

Knowing your target market is key!

Yep, we’re going to bang on AGAIN about how important understanding your target market is.

And a reminder – your target market is NOT everyone.

I’m going to say it…

While, absolutely, there are some who do want your product. Every person out there is not interested in or wants your product!

The people who want your product or service – they are the people you need to get in front of. So you can connect with them in a way they like, earn their trust so they will buy from you. 

But it’s not everyone!!!

The people who want your product are your target market. So, you need to understand who they are, what is important to them, where they prefer to find the information about you, and why they buy from you. This stuff is called psychographics. 

It’s also valuable to know the demographics of your target market – but the psychographic information is waaaaaay more important.

Back to traditional marketing

​So, back to “is traditional marketing still effective”.

You’ve done your research and discovered that your target market is not online. This is when traditional marketing can be effective.

Find out where your target market likes to find stuff out.

If you don’t know where your target market likes to find stuff out, ask your existing customers. Chances are they’re similar to your target market.

Do they like mail? Do they read the local paper? Listen to the local radio station (and find out which one)? Watch TV (which channel/s)?

You can use this information to put together a traditional marketing plan to connect with your market.

Traditional marketing can also be effective in reaching your target market who live locally, ie near your business.

That’s because your marketing plan would include placing your ads in the area where people will see them. Or attending local events. Or sponsoring local organisations or events.

An example of using traditional marketing

Let’s say a retirement village is holding an Open Day.

The target market demographics are 55+ age group who live within 50kms of the village.

The psychographics are – they want:

  • to feel part of a community
  • a sense of security
  • to take time to make a decision – this is a big decision
  • information they can refer to a number of times
  • details about the what, where, when
  • to stay local

Also, they access the internet to double check information and, while they are online it’s not a priority. They prefer to read the paper or listen to the radio.

A traditional marketing approach would include:

  • a 12-month print advertising campaign promoting community and different aspects of the village
  • additional print ads promoting open day for two months prior
  • permanent directional signage to the village
  • temporary Open Day signage on key roads leading up to and on the day
  • informational flyers/brochures placed at key locations locally where the market frequents, eg Doctors, or Pharmacy
  • short-term radio advertising promoting the open day

And because this target market is also online sometimes, the traditional marketing may be supported by putting information regarding the open day on the village website.

So, there you go. By focusing on the psychographics you can build a traditional marketing campaign that’s going to reach your target market effectively.

Old school can still be cool

Yes, marketing has evolved. But, at the end of the day, old-school can still be cool AND effective. It’s all about understanding your target market and building your marketing effectively.