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These days, you need to be everywhere, and in every content format. Your audience in one platform could prefer video while your audience in another would prefer audio. The phrase “you can’t please everyone” doesn’t apply to marketing. 

Because the truth is you must, and you can. At least when it comes to content formats and being everywhere to serve your audience where they already are. That’s what Repurpose does. 

Repurpose your content, publish everywhere without the time-suck

True to its name, Repurpose maximises your produced content. Videos, livestreams and podcasts already take a lot of planning. Publishing them should be a breeze, but publishing usually involves hours and hours more of work. With Repurpose, you can create and then simply publish everywhere. 

Repurpose podcasts, videos, or streams automatically. Save yourself and your team hours each week. You can focus on producing new episodes instead of repurposing and publishing your content. 

Generate engaging videos and automatically upload or schedule them to the largest social platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter putting your content in front of larger audiences.

Full customization and control: Choose from branded custom templates and publish the full episode or short clips in horizontal, vertical, and square formats to fit your chosen social media platform’s requirements or visual aesthetics.  

You can also upload these videos to DropBox or Google Drive for archiving and posting on Instagram, IGTV, Tik Tok, and Pinterest.

Save time and maximise and optimise your content

With content format flexibilities and publishing everywhere, you reach more people and make a bigger impact to your marketing goals. 

Repurpose makes it easy to get more visibility for your videos, Facebook Lives, Zoom recordings. Automatically upload or schedule them to YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to get you in front of your audiences. 

Content format conversions work because you extend your reach and tap into a brand new audience who prefer this format over the other. 

One episode can also be converted into as many as 27 pieces of content! Those are full episodes, clips, and conversions! 

There are so many ways to repurpose your content, and there’s no going back once you automate this. Get started with Repurpose