Nowadays thousands of people are looking for advertising agencies content and for becoming an SEO expert you can help them find good content. It can increase traffic and brand awareness. SEO keeps an eye on the future likewise what Google planning and testing.

Google is conducting almost 3.5 million searches people search before buying any products and services. You will become more visible when your website is in top search ranks this produces more revenues. Paying attention to the on-page SEO techniques and its implementation can increase the search traffic. As more visitors, you get the more conversion of them into customers is possible.

Here are some evolving on-page SEO techniques as follows;

Complete SEO audit on your website

While auditing your website you can discover why you are not getting enough traffic and sales. SEO companies also offer this service but money can be saved by doing all by you. SEO audit means to examine the performance, setting new goals, and accomplish those goals. This will help you to increase profits and make the best use of your content.

Learn what your customer wants

The tools, platforms which Google designs have one purpose to get the data from customers and create a stronger engine. All you need to focus on what your customers want and when you know your customer wants you can develop the content accordingly. There are different ways to find out about your ideal customer feedback by using social media platform or by seeing your popular pages Google analytics and the posts which get most shares and paying attention to your visitors’ comments and blogs.

Create SEO optimized landing pages 

Well established landing page can enhance your lead generation and sales, you can create more gateways of traffic by creating more landing pages. But many B2B companies cannot grasp the importance of landing pages to capture customers. Most of the SEO firm clicks B2B to the homepage rather than landing pages. The homepage is as important as the landing page but landing pages create a stronger relationship. For example, copyblogger, it creates landing pages on the most popular topics because they have professional graphics and a modern layout. They flow traffic to landing pages via email marketing and SEO optimization. The elements good landing pages can have are no navigation, informative content, a call to active service.

The website should be mobile-friendly

It is to make sure that the website also looks good on mobile devices as well Google introduced an update to their search which I prove search ranking websites that are mobile-friendly and responsive in other words. When it comes to e-commerce business in USA predicts that 45% of e-commerce sales are produced through mobile devices that represent $248 billion sales. 

Growth of traffic with infographics

Infographics make complex information to understand easily. Especially when there are more visual learners than graphics works more than the texts and 65% of people are visual learners. The quality of infographics can increase the traffic on your website. Info and graphics both are important designs that always need the facts to back up.

Content optimizing for RankBrain

If you want to be on top in search ranking you need to have updates of Google and SEO practices. RankBrain is an artificial intelligence system that gives analysis on search engine results. What content a page needs how it relates to keywords that people are searching and it helps to have a relative search.

Write a roundup post

Roundup post means interviewing a few people on the same topic and choose the best ones. It doesn’t only help to have different opinions but also increase SEO rankings and website traffic. The benefit of this is to get your website in front of many audiences and have expert interviewing.

Posting valuable content on social media

New blogs are difficult to rank in Google search due to domain authority and the page authority is very low but it can help you to increase the traffic and also gain credibility. Page authority means page highly ranked in search more numbers means more ranks. And domain authority means the whole website is highly ranked in search. When it comes to building authority and traffic not all the platforms of media are treated equally.


Blogs are very powerful in digital marketing and it most trusted source for information almost 84% of purchases are only made by reading the blogs. These SEO techniques may not be able to implement so easily but they are highly effective. Using them can double the traffic on your website and also increase revenues. SEO techniques are only successful when the content is relative to the target customers.