Podcasting is hot, and if your audience belongs to millennials and Gen Z, you’re probably already doing podcasts. It’s not generational either: baby boomers practically grew up with radio, and Gen X love listening to podcasts and audiobooks. 

Ad revenue in podcasts is expected to exceed $1 billion by 2021. Podcast episodes rose past 30 million in December 2019. With the world closeted at home with the pandemic, podcast content and listeners are at an all-time high. 

Do you do podcasts? Great! One thing you can do to amplify your reach and results is to turn your podcasts into video. 

Headliner: Audio Visualiser grabs your audience’s attention

Cover images don’t work as well as audio visualisers. And if your listener happens to be home and using their smart TVs or iPads, they’ll love casting or playing your podcast video and seeing that waveform in the background while they do what they usually do while listening to your podcast. 

Video plays automatically on Facebook and Instagram. They make people pause scrolling. Grab that audience by turning your podcast into a captivating video. 

If you’ve been posting your podcasts with cover images or captions only, you’re losing out. Video gets 1200% more shares than image or text combined. 

Attract and engage with visuals added to your podcasts audio

Headliner’s audio visualiser pulses onscreen with waveforms that lets your viewers/listeners know audio is playing. 

You can also add gifs, captions, animations, and clips to engage your audience’s attention and improve retention. 

Effectively reach several audience demographics with a single podcast through videos catered to that audience segment! What you post for millennials won’t look attractive at all for over-50s, after all. 

Headliner also enables you to publish an entire episode (2 hours max) on YouTube. No need to cut your episodes short to accommodate a limited video tool. 

Automatically transcribe video and audio for perfectly captioned videos. Captions will always be a great option– if your audience didn’t quite catch something, they can check the captions. 

Capture every opportunity with your podcasts. Get started with Headliner