If you have a local business, you have different ways of promoting it. There is a number of activities offline you can do, but you should not neglect the online aspects of your business.

Google My Business

Google My Company (GMB) is a simple tool, thanks to which you can create a business card for your company on the Internet. Presentation of the activity takes place on several Google platforms simultaneously – Google maps, Google+ and Google search page.

Which Companies Can Set Up a Business Card?

Google my company is addressed to all entrepreneurs who want to stand out on the local market. You should also know that you do not need a budget to make your business card available on the Internet. From the point of SEO, it is an excellent form of promotion of a local company (it’s important if you want to rank for local keywords).

How to Create an SEO Compliant Business Card?

It is very important to complete all the data required to create a business card, it will help your potential customers in understanding what your company does, what hours it works and how you can be contacted. Be sure to find the best relevant category for your business (there are a lot of variations to choose from).
1. Mark the exact location of your company – customers don’t like it when they have to look for a company in the wrong place.
2. Add photos from inside and outside the company – potential customers often check where your business is located. Take care of it especially if you run e.g. a restaurant, you can add pictures of dishes and interior design. It is important that the photos have at least good quality.
3. An important element that should be controlled is Google reviews under the business card of our company. Google encourages network users to issue opinions, evaluate the activity and ask questions. It is worth responding efficiently to them – thanks to that we will gain the greater trust of our customers and encourage them to use your offer.
4. Add a website – customers will have the opportunity to access it to check the services you offer in detail.
5. And last but not least, post an update once in a while, add a new photo, write what has changed recently at your company, etc. – just keep your potential audience up to date!

Website Optimization

There’s no best way to provide great SEO results for any website than deep technical SEO optimization. A lot of local companies suffer from low SEO results because they’ve ignored some crucial technical issues within their website. There are some problematic areas that should be fixed as a first step to achieving better SEO results.

Duplicated Content

Most of the websites have duplicated product descriptions because they usually get the product base from manufacturers or wholesalers as an xml file which is common for all contractors and distributors or they just copy-paste the content within their website due to lack of time. This way they implement the same description as others which makes their offer’s content non-unique from Google’s point of view. My tip is to make an effort to prepare a unique product description optimized for the significant keyword. I know it’s time-consuming and probably expensive but I assure you it’s worth it.

Internal Linking

It’s obvious but you should think about it very carefully to plan internal linking. Create an advanced internal linking structure on every level of your website’s architecture. Match categories with subcategories that can generate additional sales. Avoid orphaned links that don’t exist beyond the site’s structure! Always think about the user and foresee their decisions and shopping needs.

Sitemap.xml Update

Every in-depth category URL should be placed in sitemap.xml and be updated every time when you add or remove a particular subpage. This way you will give search engine robots the full access to those URLs.

Loading Page Speed

Make sure the subpages loads fast by ‘slimming’ the size of images, scripts, Html and CSS code. If possible, remove any features that aren’t necessary regarding the particular subcategory. 

To Sum Up SEO Tricks

I believe these SEO tricks can make your local business thrive! Don’t neglect your online presence, take care of SEO aspects of your website and you will see the results sooner than you think!