Invoicing is important for businesses, and no entrepreneur wants to neglect it. It’s how you get paid after all, and it makes auditing and accounting simple. 

This is a task we usually dread, though, because of having to sift through cells, checking and double checking line items, and trying to do the layout just right. With invoice templates, you might actually love invoicing and save thousands of dollars annually on employee hours otherwise used to create, send, and process each invoice! 

FreshBooks Invoice Templates are 100% free. Download, customise, and send out professional, branded invoices your clients can’t ignore. Pick a template, and just fill it in with your logo and transaction details. And you’re done in minutes! 

Customisable For Branding

Brand colours

There’s a psychology behind colours. Blue is for professionalism, trust, and friendliness. Think of all the blue brands you interact with daily. Banks are usually blue or somber black. 

It depends on your brand personality, and FreshBooks Invoice Templates are fully customisable with your own chosen colour or image themes. 

FreshBooks GDocs Template

Your company logo

Clicking on the icon in any of the templates gives you an easy menu to replace it with your own logo. Aside from brand visibility, adding your logo makes your invoice official and professional. 

Professional invoice format

All the elements of a professionally done invoice are here. You no longer have to fiddle with Word, Excel, or Google Docs and Sheets for the perfect fit and layout. 

Save your time every time. Just fill it all in: their details and yours, and a nice header for the project name. The template for Terms can hold your payment methods and thank you note. 

The FreshBooks Invoice Templates are 100% free to download in Word, Excel, PDF, and Google Sheets or Docs, and in templates by industry, ready for customisation, printing and/or sharing online. See all the formats here

And experience the fully customisable invoice templates with more features to help your business collect and keep track of payments through a 60-day free trial of FreshBooks especially for BBB Readers.

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