AI is undoubtedly revolutionizing the world of marketing. Auto-generated content has become a real hot topic in the past year. Search engines are getting better at understanding natural language queries and delivering relevant results that users find valuable. Therefore, as marketers, we must focus on creating content for readers that hits their intentions. Could AI be a life-saver and help us get better marketing results?

Should Your Small Business Include AI-Generated Content In 2023 Marketing Strategy

Artificial intelligence in copywriting: GPT-3 algorithm

Writing tools based on artificial intelligence technology can quickly understand the structure of language and produce original and creative content. The GPT-3 algorithm knows how to generate phrases that are not qualitatively different from texts created by a professional publicist. With its use, you can generate text in a variety of formats, such as:

  • blog posts,
  • social media posts,
  • expert articles,
  • emails,
  • meta description and meta title,
  • product and category descriptions,
  • Q&A sections,
  • brand names.

Where did the sudden popularity of AI come from?

Artificial intelligence is a technology that has been around for a long time, but only recently have people begun to see it as a viable support for human writers and marketers. It is worth using AI tools to help us better understand users’ intentions and provide them with relevant information. Its’ algorithm can do some of the needed research way faster than any professional writer. 

Many people think that writing is difficult and requires a considerable amount of time. Probably more than one copywriter has once come across an assignment to write dozens or even hundreds of product descriptions (for example, about swimming pools or swimwear) for SEO. On average, a product description is about 500-800 characters long, so it should take up to an hour to create. AI tools for SEO copywriting will create dozens of such descriptions in an hour, and each of them will be unique.

The use of AI writing assistants is growing exponentially as these tools become cheaper and more accessible to the masses. This makes artificial intelligence an integral part of the copywriting market. 

Advantages of using ai-based tools

  • Improved creative process

The first advantage of using an AI writing assistant is that the tool can help you generate content ideas on a large scale: from titles and headlines to entire blog paragraphs or even text summaries. As a writer, you don’t have to worry about a lack of inspiration or a so-called blank mind. Writing assistants can take your creative process to the next level. In fact, according to research, over half of the executives say AI increased productivity in their businesses.

  • Significant time savings

The second benefit is that AI writing tools can help you save time by partially automating the content creation process. Most assistants generate sequential paragraphs in seconds. Usually, with just one click of a button, you get a combination of keyboard shortcuts. 

  • Better tailored strategy

AI assistants help not only in terms of content generation. Based on previously acquired data, it is also possible to analyze the match between organic search results and the offer, evaluate the backlink profile, check the potential of keyword searches, and so on. Sometimes all this data can help you revise your content marketing strategy.

Disadvantages of AI copywriting

In turn, the weaknesses of tools for text created using artificial intelligence include the following:

  • It won’t do everything 

It is pretty simple: if there is not enough information/publications/articles on the Internet in a given field – there is a good chance that the tool will create a gibberish text that you won’t even be able to read. 

If you want artificial intelligence to bail you out or at least support you in creating more specialized content – you may be sorely out disappointed.  

  • it requires additional “manual” operations

If, at least for a moment, there was hope in your mind that AI copywriting tools are maintenance-free – unfortunately, I have bad news. AI is not the Golden Grail, which will provide you with countless amounts of valuable and fully optimized text, ready for publication. 

99% of the time, any text generated in this way will have to go through manual verification (by a copywriter, proofreader, or editor), thanks to which you will catch and then remove all errors. And let me tell you, there are really a lot of them in this type of content! 


Artificial intelligence-based tools are becoming increasingly popular. And no wonder! They hold tremendous potential and many opportunities to make our daily work easier. Despite the fact that AI tools are still new and far from perfect, they can help people overcome their shortcomings, lack of inspiration, and ideas and support them to produce a text on a specific topic faster. Then what now? Will you try them out in 2023?