Tailwind is a powerful social media optimization tool that saves countless post-scheduling hours. Now they’re ready to kick up their Instagram game a notch.

Introducing Hashtag Finder, the intelligent hashtag suggestion tool set to amplify your reach seamlessly.

Instead of sifting and vetting through multiple hashtag finder tools, sometimes to find only outdated ones, Hashtag Finder 2.0 makes intelligent recommendations for you. As you type your caption, suggestions automatically refresh whether you include your own hashtags or not. Shuffle through your list, select your perfect fits, and dismiss the ones that aren’t right for you.

They even took it a step further. Hover over suggestions and get a popularity reading. You can add high-ranking suggestions in seconds, and even save your top-performing lists.

So let’s break down how to use this new tool Instagram step by step

  • Start typing your caption.
  • Notice as you type that Hashtag Finder 2.0 is already auto-suggesting.
  • Once finished, click recommendations to add to the post. Need to save the list? Click the blue hashtag in the upper right corner.

Now it’s time to publish. Done. Easy, right?

With Tailwind Hashtag Finder,

  • Get a fresh selection of hashtags for every post, every time.
  • Hashtag suggestions now appear and refresh as you type, whether you include hashtags or not!
  • Find even more hashtags by shuffling them or quickly dismissing the ones that aren’t quite right.
  • Hover over any hashtag to see how popular it is so you can quickly pick the best ones for you.

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