The Business Owners Podcast is a podcast for business owners by business owners. We kick off our inaugural episode, offering you a peek into the lives of our founders, the dynamic duo behind Business Business Business and the Enever Group, Clive Enever and Linda Reed-Enever.

Designed to unveil the stories of the business owners who steer the entrepreneurial ship, this podcast is a gateway to the world of innovative thinking, insightful revelations, and behind-the-scenes stories.

As we embark on this exciting journey, Clive and Linda share their experiences, wisdom, and dreams, inviting listeners to dive into the captivating world of entrepreneurship. From insights and tips to riveting interviews, this podcast promises an enriching experience for every business enthusiast.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Clive and Linda’s experiences as business coaches, marketing experts, and the driving forces behind the Business Owners Podcast.
  • Clive and Linda’s shared mission for this podcast as a beacon for business owners seeking guidance and connection.
  • Clive and Linda’s personal and professional journey, sharing pivotal moments that shaped their entrepreneurial spirit.
  • The challenges that Clive and Linda faced, underscoring the importance of research, finding the right experts, and maintaining work-life balance.
  • Linda’s dream of demystifying marketing for small business owners and empowering them with accessible tools and knowledge.
  • Clive’s vision of creating a blueprint for entrepreneurs to build a business and life they love.
  • Clive and Linda’s advice for aspiring entrepreneurs on learning through experience and the significance of implementation.

A Journey Begins

The Business Owners Podcast embarks on a promising journey, offering listeners a front-row seat to the captivating world of entrepreneurship. Clive and Linda’s passion, expertise, and dedication shine through, setting the stage for an enriching series of interviews and insights.

Stay tuned for more episodes that unravel the inspiring tales of business owners and provide invaluable lessons for entrepreneurs worldwide.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn, grow, and connect with the vibrant business community this podcast aims to create.

Work with Linda and Clive:

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