Our guest on this episode of The Business Owners Podcast is Rik Schnabel from Life Beyond Limits, and he takes us on a transformative voyage from rock bottom to becoming a successful entrepreneur. 

Rik’s story exemplifies the power of mindset and courage in shaping one’s destiny.

In the episode, we cover: 

  • Rik’s pivotal moment when he was at his lowest point and how he turned his life around
  • Rik shares insights into his daily life and the challenges he faced in balancing personal and business life
  • Rik’s thoughts on the importance of courage and leveraging opportunities, especially through public speaking
  • Rik’s innovative approach to scaling a business, turning common problems into courses, and ensuring widespread access
  • Rik vision for the future of life coaching and the challenges his industry has particularly in business, marketing, and sales. 
  • Rik’s advice to those entering the field of life coaching and the importance of genuinely loving people and being prepared to embrace the role of a business person alongside being a coach

Discovering the Power of Mindset

Rik Schnabel’s story resonates as a beacon illuminating the path to success. His journey vividly illustrates the transformative power of mindset. From the depths of despair to becoming a beacon of hope, Rik reminds us that success is not just a destination, but a mindset-driven journey.

Work with Rik Schnabel:

To learn more about Rik Schnabel, visit his website at www.lifebeyondlimits.com.au.