The Business Owners Podcast host Clive Enever is joined by Tammie Davidson, a passionate virtual assistant hailing from the picturesque Lockyer Valley in Queensland. Tammy shares her inspiring journey from corporate burnout to the exciting realm of entrepreneurship, where she helps businesses streamline their operations and focus on what truly matters.

In the episode, we cover:

  • Tammie’s discovery of a new path into the world of virtual assistance
  • How Tammie creates work-life harmony through her business
  • How to leverage your skills to assist entrepreneurs in shedding the burden of administrative tasks
  • How Tammie envisions the future of virtual assistance
  • Tammie’s words of wisdom for anyone venturing into the virtual assistant domain

Embracing the Virtual Frontier

Tammie offers invaluable advice in the virtual assistance space. She encourages newcomers to explore their skill sets, adapt their services, and seek guidance from experienced professionals. She stresses the significance of growing one’s mindset and knowledge base, urging aspiring virtual assistants to invest in training and resources.

Work with Tammie Davidson:

To learn more about Tammie, check out her Instagram @tammiedavidson_ .


  • [00:03:07] Tammie shares her motivation behind starting the business
  • [00:06:10] Tammie’s intentional approach to balancing personal and business life
  • [00:08:35] Tammie’s vision of being a leader in the virtual assistant industry
  • [00:10:14] Tammie’s advice for aspiring virtual assistants