In this episode of The Business Owners Podcast, Clive Enever introduces us to the inspiring journey of Tom Adam, the founder and chief instructor of Canberra Martial Arts and Fitness. Tom shares his captivating story, filled with personal challenges, triumphs over adversity, and profound insights into building a thriving martial arts business.

In the episode, we cover:

  • Tom’s journey into martial arts, sparked by an assault and his decision to establish the club
  • Transitioning the business into a full-time endeavour
  • Challenges faced and how they propelled growth and reshaped the club’s culture
  • Balancing life, acknowledging sacrifices, and the support of his wife
  • Vision for the future of martial arts instruction advocating for recognition beyond mere physical activity

Tom’s story embodies resilience and passion in his journey from adversity to entrepreneurship. His deep-rooted commitment to martial arts led him to establish his club defying expectations with rapid growth and community impact. Tom also envisions a shift in the perception of martial arts, emphasising its holistic benefits beyond physical training.

As an inspiring mentor and business advocate, Tom offers invaluable insights and support to fellow entrepreneurs on their paths to success.

Learn more about Tom Adam:

You can find Tom’s work at Canberra Martial Arts.


  • [00:01:04] Tom’s story on why he started his martial arts club
  • [00:02:22] Unexpected growth of his club within the first year
  • [00:05:40] Pivotal moments in his business
  • [00:06:59] Balancing personal and professional life
  • [00:09:19] Vision of a future where martial arts is valued beyond physical activity
  • [00:10:38] His advice for aspiring entrepreneurs