No pun intended! Tinder really can improve your visibility and your organisation’s profit.

If you actually spend some time looking at what is going on in the Tinder/On-line dating world, you will quickly see that it’s a virtual mirror of the business world.

Vision, Accountability, Passion


Most people think that Tinder is just another ‘hookup app’. In reality, though around 80% of Tinder users are actually looking for a long term relationship. The other 20%, hmmm, let’s just say they have short term needs.

You are being visible to your target audience, you are held accountable for the actions you take, and if you find common ground then long term relationships are developed. You will get exactly the outcomes you desire from the actions you take.

So let’s look at the Tinder vs Professional world a little bit closer.

Tinder has over the past few years embarked on a massive campaign highlighting that it is all about long term relationships. Whilst we may joke about this, we probably know as many people who have a long-term relationship from Tinder as we do couples who were introduced through mutual friends, met in bars or through work.

All Tinder has done is remove the barriers to entry – that nervous first sentence to a complete stranger that will make or break what happens next. Similar to how we may look to network or grow our organisations, Tinder is just one way to reach the right outcome. There are over 30 ways to network for business and probably more than 30 alternatives to Tinder.

The ‘user’ of Tinder or business networking is also very similar. Which type of ‘user’ are you?

The Invisible User

The person who just likes as many people as possible for the ego boost. There is never any intention to meet up but it looks cool. The common outcome is poor in business and poor in love.

The Non-Commitment User

The person who is evasive. They meet up with others, think they want to have a relationship but are concerned that the grass may be greener on the other side. A common ground, passion or interest needs to be found quickly. It’s unlikely the other side is going to hang around waiting for the commitment commit – life is too short.

The Lazy User

The person who is constantly looking to take short cuts, whether it is simple swiping or mass generic mail outs with no personal expression. Whatever falls out the bottom the user will take and does not worry about the missed opportunities. What happens if ‘the one’ gets missed? The one love of your life or the one real business connection that will hyper-accelerate your business.

The Purposeful User

The person who gets exactly what they want from it. Whether it is a quick hook up (coffee), let’s see what happens (meeting), or should we date (doing business), this user is clear about the outcomes they desire. The user still needs to be careful that the actions don’t appear to be all about ‘me’.

The Visible User

This person probably doesn’t use Tinder anymore or it is only one of many methods they use. This person goes on many really great dates and some of those dates have actually turned serious. For now, the person is heading in a different direction and Tinder just isn’t right for them – but they may be back.

Whether business or personal it’s important to know what is the best network medium for you at the present time. Why?

I often tell people …

‘Invisible people and organisation collect business cards and social media likes, Visible people and organisation network with purpose’
In my experience, whether it’s finding your partner on Tinder or growing you and your business, the three key areas of your focus should be PASSION, ACCOUNTABILITY, VISION.

If you are someone who wants to grow, and you are committed to change and all that entails, I will help you refocus and break through the obstacles and barriers that are holding you back in life.

Nothing in life is easy. Together we will go on YOUR journey, so you can #bevisible. The path will not be straight, but it will be YOUR path. Where it will end, if journeys ever end, will be your decision only.