I get it! Twitter can be a little overwhelming and scary, and for wordy people like me, short, sharp tweets don’t come naturally, so here are a few of the tools we are using to make tweeting easier!

Twitter moves fast, but there is an amazing power behind a tweet, and with the right tools you can start to get your head around Twitter and engage too.

Missing Lettr

Missing Lettr is a must-have in my toolkit. For us, it takes the posts we publish on Business Business Business, Media Connections, my blog and our other sites, and draws from it Tweets that we can share throughout the year.

We still write our own but WOW this tool thinks of things we did not and it is a great way to get started tweeting posts if you are unsure!

You can take the 14-day Missing Lettr trial so why not give it a go today?  If you click on the link here our BBB team will get some referral love too! We’d appreciate it!

Meet Edgar

Meet Edgar automatically builds a library of every social update you upload, so you can share the best ones again and again over time.

Edgar was specifically built for smaller, agile companies and entrepreneurial ventures. This isn’t an enterprise-level tool; you get every single feature when you sign up, and a streamlined interface that makes scheduling easy.

Edgar is great as it allows you to create a series of evergreen tweets and more. Upload and edit in bulk

Create your library of saved updates from almost any source.


SmarterQueue is one of my favourite tools for managing evergreen content.  Like Edgar it manages your evergreen twitter content. While Edgar recycle all posts in a category, SmarterQueue lets you turn recycling on or off for individual posts, which lets you use the categorised schedule for one-time posts too. Even better, you can choose how many times a post should be recycled, as well as set an expiry date.SmarterQueue publishes your posts in the order you choose, giving you full control. We use both Meet Edgar and Smarter Queue here in the office, Smarter Queue has offered our readers a 2-month trial to get you started.


Paper.li is a unique application that allows you to collect tweets and curate them manually or automatically in a newspaper-style format which can be automatically shared daily on your Twitter account.

We run a paper for Media Connections on PR tips at @mediaconnects on paper.li

It is a great way to get involved in the community and tweet with others.


This is a new one that I have recently discovered, that allows me to say thank you to the new followers and those who are engaging with me. I am still finding my way around the platform, but I did smile when I was thanked by someone using it, so I figure it is nice to make other people smile!

Plus, it engages me when I am busy which means I can still interact and show that I care. The automation I use for are:

  • Thanking new followers
  • Thanking my retweets
  • Thanking my top engaged members

You can also schedule tweets & automate a lot of things that would increase the engagement of your Twitter profile. The free account lets you engage with 20 people & good enough to give you an idea and the effectiveness of this popular Twitter tool.

And it gives you a great Twitter inbox to see tweets you need to engage with too. So, if you are keen to take a look, check out this link and if you sign up we would get some referral love on this one too! Again, we’d totally appreciate it!

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