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Your website is your storefront, your business presence online. And until it’s safe for everyone to get out again, the storefront aspect is even more important. Your business needs to be online now more than ever, so you need a website your target audiences will actually love going to. 

Now is the time to update or upscale your website. Make it pop onscreen, on desktop or mobile. Make it easily navigable. Make it visually stunning with interactive hovers and transformations. 

With Elegant Themes and Divi, you can do just that, and all without touching a single code. 

Astonishingly easy website build and customisation

Divi is the most popular WordPress theme in the world for a reason. It’s also such a powerful and accessible website builder. For everything it can do, Elegant Themes Divi is surprisingly easy to use even for complete beginners. 

If you happen to have extra time, you’ll love spending that tweaking your website if you have Divi. It replaces the standard WordPress editor with a vastly superior visual editor.

Just point, click, drag, and pick your options for customisations.

Real-time, Intuitive, Visual Editing 

Elegant Themes Divi is like Canva for websites. You can literally see what you’re doing while you’re doing the edits. You won’t have to navigate back and forth to previews. 

You work right there on the front end of the website! 

  • Choose new layouts from the layout library
  • Mix and match dozens of design elements, thousands of design options
  • Add, move, and customise elements and see what they look like in real-time
  • In-line text editing: Just click and start typing! 
  • User-friendly version history: you can undo mistakes or redo something that was already nice before! 
  • Save designs you like and use them as templates for new pages: build a unified design for your websites that way
  • Modules and templates for everything your website should have: easily add CTAs, forms, sliders, blogs, galleries, and testimonials

Elegant Themes Divi builder can make you and your team happy as you make changes, and the results can turn your customers from browsers into buyers. Ready to redo your website?