If you’ve spent 15 minutes answering questions to find out what kind of sandwich you are and which Friends cast member you are (even if you already have a strong hunch), you know the power of quizzes. Sometimes you take one quiz and you end up taking 10 during your lunch break. When done well, they have the ability to keep you hooked.  You too can be a quiz master with Interact and use that quiz magnetism in  

  1. achieve growth
  2. generate qualified leads
  3. segment your audience
  4. drive traffic where you want it

How it works 

Interact utilizes their expertise from working with thousands of businesses to empower their quiz maker. Choose from 800+ pre-made quiz templates already fine-tuned to attract your target audience.  Personality Quizzes, Assessment Quizzes, Scored Quizzes – what do these have in common? The power to suck you in and not let go until you’re done. Discover a goldmine of information from your audience while they see your expertise in your questions and quiz answers/results.  This is what converts your quiz takers into more specific leads, subscribers and buyers.  Choose a quiz template, edit it, and customise it with your branding and images. It’s as much fun for you as for the quiz takers, with Interacts drag-and-drop quiz builder. 

What is best for audience interaction and engagement? 

  1. Social media posts
  2. Emails 
  3. Videos 
  4. Infographics
  5. Quizzes 

Answer: All the above. 

Which one can segment your audience and give you powerful data you can use for marketing? Quizzes.  Don’t have a quiz yet? Get started with Interact for FREE

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