Nurture sequences are like seeds, they grow the relationships with your leads and transform them into paying customers.A nurture sequence (also called a sales funnel or follow-up sequence) is an automated series of emails sent to every new lead signing up to your mailing list.

They are designed to nourish and grow the relationship between you and your new contact, educating them on your products and services, demonstrating your expertise, and ultimately converting them from lead to a client or customer.

This session will help you structure a great Nurture Sequence and the elements that make it a success.

She will share with you:

  • What is a Nurture Sequence
  • Things you can include in a Nurture Sequence
  • How to sell using education without being spammy
  • Tools to help you create your Nurture Sequence
  • Plus her template for creating Nurture Sequences

Nurture sequences are like seeds. You can’t plant one and reap results right away. But like every growing thing, nurture sequences take time to sprout, blossom, and bear and good preparation is the key to a fruitful nurture sequence and that is what Linda will show you in this session.

Meet Linda:

A born educator, Linda is a consummate professional who boasts a unique knack for helping business and individuals tap into their marketing, branding and business potential.

She works with business owners to find their point of difference, perfect their image, and build their profile in the public domain.

Linda’s passion lies in sharing her knowledge. She began teaching dance as a teen, and later further developed her teaching skills by becoming a qualified educator. One thing Linda loves about education is how this enables her to empower others through knowledge and understanding.

She draws on both her educational background and over 20 years’ experience in the marketing and public relations industry to help businesses and individuals via one-on-one mentoring, courses, webinars, training, and useful tools.

Linda’s expertise encompasses innovative ideas that span marketing, public relations strategy, course creation, social media, marketing automation, and branding.

She has an incredible eye for visual content and a talent for simplifying complex topics to help business owners build their profile, their brand, and their expertise.