It’s something most of us will claim we’re not getting enough of even though we all know how important it is for our general wellbeing.

Sleep is like that tiresome, elusive, relentless flirt for a lot of us – no matter how hard we chase her, she always seems to slip through our fingers!

The imperativeness of sleep has been well documented and has also being touched upon by prominent religious sages. An adequate amount of sleep helps to protect our hearts, kidneys and brain from long-term damage and much more. Few would be able to disagree with how crucial it is we’re all healthy to be effective in our career – particularly for women doing everything from taking care of the kids, other household duties we always seem to get stuck with and keeping the boss happy at work.

Now that we’ve (happily) established that sleeping in on those lazy weekend mornings can actually be good for us, let’s delve into how we can sleep better for the best versions of us.

Turmeric in some warm milk will knock you out in minutes!

There’s a reason Turmeric is all the rage at the moment and that’s because it’s hard to find a spice that presents us with so many health benefits. Turmeric’s main property, curcumin is popular for its calming and anti-inflammatory attributes. It also aids in alleviating any pain or discomfort you may be feeling that is keeping you up at night.

You may remember those beautiful childhood memories when your mum would bring you a warm glass of milk to drink before you slept. This calming motherly act of nurturing spans generations and territories for one major reason – warm milk induces a peaceful night’s sleep because of the amino acid tryptophan which is known to assist in encouraging sleep.

Combine these two natural miracles of nature and you have a powerful concoction that should kick the worst case of insomnia to the kerb! You’ll be waking up in the morning feeling refreshed and energised for whatever the day brings.

In need of some Beauty Sleep?

Everyone’s heard of Sleeping Beauty and all of us need our beauty sleep but like everything else in our modern hectic lives, we’re trying to pack in as much as we can in a very limited span of time.

This is exactly why it is so very important to have an effective night moisturising care routine.

Though we definitely agree that beauty is skin deep, it never hurts to have a helping hand once in a while. An effective nourishing, rich and slightly oilier version of your day care moisturiser is a great way to help you sleep at night as it relaxes and nourishes your skin so you have one less thing to worry about.

Massaging our face and neck lightly in a circular motion with an all-natural cream (made with completely natural ingredients) just before we sleep puts our body in rest mode. This subtle action helps us destress after our hectic day, soothing our body both physically and emotionally and in turn preparing us for a good night’s rest.

Even though it sounds simple enough, don’t be caught out as one of the “regulars” that overlooks taking care of your skin while it rests.


Is a Nasty Cough keeping you up?

If anyone in the house is coughing a storm up at night (particularly the children), you’re most likely going into work tomorrow with some sunglasses to hide the dark circles under your eyes you’ll be showcasing for the rest of the day.

Though rubbing some Vicks (or similar) balm on the poor victim’s chest is an effective grandmother remedy, so is eating some Buckwheat Honey just before getting into bed.

This dark coloured, potent flavoured honey is often referred to as a superfood and is potentially also a natural remedy to coughs. Buckwheat Honey may reduce nocturnal coughing if a small quantity is consumed prior to sleeping. Most importantly, Buckwheat Honey is known to contain the strongest antioxidant content of all honey’s due to its superior combination of phenolic compounds, peptides, organic acids, enzymes and Mailard reaction attributes, so sleep isn’t the only aspect of our lives benefiting from this boon of Mother Nature’s!


Now go forth and Sleep your Heart Out!

There you have it, three extremely easy ways to induce better sleep for general wellbeing improvement and balance. So no more excuses!

Switch that television off and revel in some shut eye.

Enjoy the gift we’ve all been given from Nature so we can better our lives physically, spiritually and emotionally – don’t let it go to waste!

Have you got any other tips to improve our chances of sleeping more soundly? Let us know.