Life can get busy, and we can often find ourselves juggling multiple competing priorities from our careers, relationships, caring duties and our health. 

However, when you tap into your secret weapon and create balance your life becomes easy. So much opens up for you, allowing you to show up wholeheartedly in your career and to focus on the important areas of your life.

Having balance not only means that you have energy to do all the things you love, but you are also able to prioritise your health, your most important asset when it comes to your career.  

Now if you’re thinking that sounds great in theory but how do I create balance in my busy life, here are 3 must-do easy strategies for you to consider implementing in your life. 

Create boundaries to protect your time and energy

Boundaries are your ticket to freedom and creating balance in your life. Without boundaries you can easily wind up following someone else’s path and wondering why you are feeling burnt out and unfulfilled. 

You can create boundaries by:

  • Being mindful about what you are choosing to say yes and committing to. Because every time you say yes to something you are saying no to something else.
  • Not dropping everything to help others, you can still support people around you and have balance. It is ok to say I have a full schedule today, but I can look at this and get you a response by close of business tomorrow.
  • Knowing what your top five priorities are in your life. When you have identified these, it makes it so much easier to say yes and no to opportunities that arise. The next time an opportunity presents itself, ask yourself if this is going to support your top priorities. If it is, then great however if it is not then you can politely decline knowing that you are staying true to yourself.

Ask for support

We only have so much energy, time and brain power and if we want to be successful in our careers, we can’t go at it alone. One of the biggest steps you can take when creating balance in your life is to ask for support and accept support when it is offered.

Not only does this benefit you but it benefits the other person as well. Think of a time that you have supported someone else. It feels good right? Don’t deny others this feeling too.

Asking and accepting support comes in the form of:

  • Delegating work to your team, this could be a staff member, collaborating with others or hiring a virtual assistant.
  • Letting friends and family support you with the small tasks like minding the kids, picking up something from the shops or organising group outings. It doesn’t always have to fall on you.
  • Having the courage to ask for what you want. This might include some difficult or uncomfortable conversations, but it is going to do you and those important people around you wonders. It could include negotiating flexible working arrangements allowing you to get to your favourite gym class after work, or working with your partner to take on child or house duties for a certain period on the weekend so you can work on your business or have some down time.

Set your environment up for success

Our environment can be one of the most overlooked pieces of the puzzle when it comes to creating balance in our life. We must have an environment that is going to be conducive to our success. 

  • Make sure you have a clean and decluttered physical space. This includes your work space, living space and kitchen. A cluttered environment makes it hard to think, uses up precious time and energy and can leave us feeling stressed and out of control. Plus when it comes to the kitchen it means you will be more likely to enjoy spending time in it to create healthy and nutritious meals which will support your health and ultimately your career. 
  • Being organised and planning how you will spend your time every single day. Without a plan it is very easy to get distracted or to work on areas that are not your top priorities.

When working towards something new or creating change in your life don’t try and do it all at once. Rather work on one area at a time, master this and then move onto the next area. Wishing you all the best in creating your perfect balance.