Social media is a great place for any business to attract new clients. This is why it’s no wonder that realtors have flooded social media to attract new clients. Many realtors get stuck in the hardest step in using social media, knowing what to post!

Social media is a great way to connect with potential clients and get new business, so posting regularly is important for any realtor.

If you get stuck and unsure of what to post, our list of the 3 must-try social media posts for realtors is the perfect solution!

Listing Posts

If you don’t know what to post as a realtor, look no further than your listings. By keeping your listings in the public eye and sharing them on your social media, you can create some easy social media content for your business!

Listing posts don’t have to be boring! You can easily liven up a listing post, and what kind of listing you post in these ways:

  • New Listings: For realtors, it’s important to post about the new listings you have, and what better place to share beautiful homes than your feed! Share an interesting fact about the home or a feature that buyers love to boost engagement and get people talking about your listing!
  • Sold Homes: The goalpost for any realtor is a home being sold! So be sure to share about the homes you sell, and who purchases your home. Mix it up and tell a story from closing, or use this post to talk up your real estate skills!
  • Listing Tours: You can simply take your followers on a walk through your new listings, and let the home speak for itself! This is easy video/reel content any realtor can make within minutes from their phone!

Listing posts are easy to make, but you shouldn’t let them dominate your feed. Try to personalise your listing posts and connect with your audience by showing what working with you is like with these client posts!

Client Posts

At the heart of social media is storytelling, and showing your potential clients what working with you is like. That is why it’s extremely important to show client stories and create client posts for your social media.

Client posts can come in a variety of styles, from photos, videos, or even graphics. No matter what medium you choose though make sure you share real stories from your clients!

  • Client Reviews: If you buy anything online you know how important it is to read the reviews! That is why it’s important to use these 5-star reviews from your clients and share them on your page for your potential clients to see.
  • First Home Buyers: What is more aspirational than seeing someone get the home of their dreams? Everyone loves to see when buyers get to close on a home, so be sure to share the people and stories being your business for a heart-warming piece.

Sharing your client stories is one of the best ways to connect and engage with your audience. Reviews show how talented a realtor you are, and give a glimpse into a positive homebuying experience for your potential clients.

Market Trend Posts

Another easy type of social media post is sharing market updates. As a real estate expert, you have a lot of information you can easily share with your audience! You can use these posts to showcase your expertise and engage your clients.

  • Real Estate Tip: Whether it’s tips to sell a home faster or just an insider tip on what to look for in a new home, share a real estate listing tip with your audience. Everyone loves educational content that is funny in reels or interesting to read about!
  • Trends: The real estate market is constantly changing. Share updates on what is happening in the market, how that will affect your clients, and sure how informed you are!

There are countless watts you share market updates with potential clients. Infographics, reels, or simple updates are all ways you can inform your clientele and build your business!


Social media can be intimidating when you don’t know what to post! Thankfully posting on social media is easy, and sites like Canva make it easier than ever to create beautiful graphics for your next post. You can easily create templates for each of these social media posts within minutes and share them on your pages!