Reset your attitudes and habits when it comes to your home workspace

Reset your attitude towards your chosen space and only use for working. This change in mindset will improve focus and efficiency every time you enter the space.

Understand how you learn best and then use visual, audio or sensory triggers to help keep you focused within this space.

Take regular breaks from the space to let your mind relax meaning you’ll feel more energis ed when re-entering your workspace.


Create a conducive space for productive working

You must have everything you need to be able to carry out your required tasks, including the correct furniture to help with posture and any other required resources.

Take time to remove any distractions and non-essential elements. These could be physical, mental or technical, anything that will take you mind away form the task at hand.

On average we check our phones every 6.5 minutes. It can then take up to 25 minutes to re-focus from this short distraction.


De-clutter regularly

Any space when clutter free and tidy automatically reduces stress and induces calm, creating a clear space in which to focus.

You only need one of each item that you use regularly; the rest can be thrown, donated or put away for sporadic use or replacement.

Create a home for each item, being able to access items quickly and easily is a quick and easy way to improve efficiency and productivity.