When you build the right team around you, everything in your operation becomes easier.
So how do you attract the ‘right’ people to your team?

Here are my top 5 tips:

1.Get really clear about the DNA of your ideal team member. Is there someone in your team who is the personification of your values – someone who lives them every day – someone you would love to clone? Capture what it is about them that makes them so special and build those special attributes and values into your job ad and job description.

2.Write your job ad as if you were selling a product, because that’s what you’re doing, only in this case the product is a role in your business. Forget the boring formula that most job ads follow – you know the ads I mean – and create an ad that inspires your ideal team member to want to learn more.

3.Include 3 key elements in your ad:
 – The purpose of your business – a paragraph which explains why you do what you do, and shares why it’s so great to work in your business and with your team
 – The purpose of the role – a paragraph which sells the role and its importance to your business, and
 – A pen portrait – a unique element to job ads that ‘sell’, which speaks in your prospective team members own words about how they work, what they love doing, and what they’re good at

4.Attach an outcome-focused job description – a one page description of the job that shares the top line accountabilities, responsibilities and essential attributes needed to be successful. One page! Not a 4 page description of every task they might ever have to perform! You’re selling the job, not trying to put them off

5.Place your ad where your ideal team member will see it. Really think this through. Is it Linked In, a trade magazine, a local club? Get creative, just like you would with a piece of marketing! And of course don’t forget the people you may know who would be perfect for the job – you never know if someone would consider a new/different challenge or opportunity.

Stand out from the huge crowd currently trying to hire and you’ll have way more success in finding the right person for your team!