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5 top tips for attracting the right people to your team

Having the right team is so important for any operation. Having individuals who give a damn, who are keen to learn, who respond well to feedback. Those people who take ownership for their role and free us to focus on growing the business.
Sadly, way too many businesses are settling for people who were never right. People who take your time and sap your energy – who the rest of your team are desperate for you to sort out.
So how do you attract the ‘right’ people to your team? Let’s find out…

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Skills Webinar Replay: Financial Foundations for your Business

We have kicked off the 2021 Skills Webinar series with Financial Foundations for your Business with Kylea Martin
Accounting uses financial information from the past to make decisions in the present to change the future. Sounds simple, right?

In this webinar we will discuss the three key types of accounting—bookkeeping, financial and management accounting—and explain the links between accounting, decision-making, business performance, and financial health.

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Replay THINKIFIC Course Creation Tips & Tricks

Founder of the Course Creators Circle and Thinkific Approved Expert Linda Reed-Enever knows a few tips and tricks on the Thinkific Platform that makes your course creation journey easier and your students learning flow easily join her for this THINKIFIC Course Creation Tips & Tricks session

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