As a real estate agent, your job is to be wherever potential homebuyers might be. With everyone owning a smartphone and having an internet connection, using email marketing for your real estate business is more than a viable solution.

Based on data, 50% of buyers look for new homes online, while 48% of real estate agents consider technology to be the greatest industry challenge. Beyond that, studies have shown that 98% of millennials actively look for homes online, with 72% also visiting real estate websites.

Besides social media, instant messaging, and online forums, email marketing is the next best thing you can do for your business. Let’s take a look at why exactly you should invest time and resources into email marketing in 2021.

Fast and Easy Way of Answering Buyer Questions Directly

By building an email list and marketing your real estate business to potential buyers, you will quickly establish your professional reputation. This will lead prospects to trust your opinion on properties they are interested in, market trends, and other real estate-related queries.

Email allows buyers to ask you questions directly and you to answer them quickly and precisely. This is different from social media where questions are either attached to comments or instant messages which can get buried under other content. Establishing email as an important line of communication with your buyers will net you their respect, leading to more closed sales down the road.

Notify Interested Buyers of New Listings Immediately

Email marketing enables you to segment your buyers based on various filters. You can segment your mailing list based on the types of properties they are interested in, their familial situation, and other elements. Doing so will allow you to momentarily notify different segments of your mailing list of potential properties of interest.

Notifying these prospects of new listings with “exclusive” emails will entice them enough to get back to you quickly. For you, this means more properties sold and more potential buyers learning of your real estate notification emails.

Create Newsletters with Real Estate Advice for Lead Nurturing

When you don’t have new listings to promote or houses to sell to interested buyers, you can spend time creating informative newsletters about real estate. Blog posts from your website can be integrated into newsletters and sent to your mailing lists in the form of tips, tricks, and homebuying advice.

Each newsletter you send out will not only showcase your writing skills, but your knowledge of the real estate market as well. Your buyers, especially those unfamiliar with the real estate industry, will be very grateful for your newsletters and stick around longer to find out more.

Gather Referrals and Social Proof Content from Satisfied Buyers

Once actual property sales are underway, you can use your email marketing channels to gather referrals from satisfied buyers. These referrals can be used to attract other buyers since social proof is an important element of marketing in general.

Reviews, testimonials, quotes, and star ratings on real estate market listings play a major part in helping you attract buyers. Reach out to people whom you’ve helped find properties before and ask them whether they have friends or family looking for real estate. Chances are that at least some of them will have interested parties for you to get in touch with. Building up your real estate business’ reputation is about word of mouth just as much as it is about email marketing – talk to your satisfied homebuyers.

Ability to Send Polls and Questionnaires to your Prospects

As your mailing list grows, you will be able to implement different types of email marketing, including interactive content. Quizzes, polls, and questionnaires can be used to find out what kind of content your buyers want to receive from your real estate business.

This data can then be gathered and used to make more informed decisions on how to write emails or what kinds of newsletters to create. Your prospects will also let you know how you can write your real estate listings to be more engaging and informative through their feedback. As an incentive for filling out your surveys, you can send free eBooks or useful tutorials to your mailing list, which would otherwise be unavailable.

Integrate Multimedia Content to Showcase your Properties

Despite email being a different medium than blogs or social media platforms, you can still do a lot when it comes to multimedia marketing. Judging by reports, 90% of people said that videos helped them make purchase decisions, with videos in emails resulting in 65% higher click-through rates.

Pairing your email content writing with professional multimedia showcasing different properties or clients you’ve worked with will do wonders for your reputation. Moreover, it will simply result in more people going through your email content carefully before deciding whether to reach out. Given that attention spans are shorter than ever, videos can be placed into your emails as a means of captivating and retaining real estate buyers.

Seal More Real Estate Deals than you Would Without Email Marketing

Lastly, the best reason to implement email marketing into your real estate business is to seal more sales than before. People tend to trust businesses with extensive marketing which cover a variety of topics and answer their questions in writing.

Prospects who receive emails will be more inclined to listen to your real estate proposals, go out to check properties out, and consider purchasing them. This will create a snowball effect for you, as satisfied buyers will organically draw in more interested clients for you to send email marketing content to. With email marketing, you will sell more real estate than you would without – take that under consideration when deciding whether to use it.

In Conclusion

Email marketing has become somewhat underappreciated with the advent of social media platforms. However, homebuyers are still very reliant not only on email but also on websites to find their new homes.

Consider these reasons to develop an email marketing strategy of your own to attract real estate buyers more effectively in 2021. While you can always back out of a strategy if it doesn’t bring results, you will never know until you try. With email, there is a lot you can do to sell more properties and nurture your leads through a channel they are comfortable using.