Are you wondering if it’s time to hire a Google Ads specialist to manage your campaigns?

It’s sometimes tricky to know when it’s worth paying someone to take on something you’re already doing, even if you know it could be done better. Trust is a huge part of outsourcing so knowing who to hire, for example for services like social media management, VA services and accounting, is crucial.

Here are some of the key signs that you need a Google Ads specialist, and I hope these will help you decide whether this is something you need to outsource.

No Time For Management

As a business owner, it’s impossible to do all the things. Sell products or services, invoice, chase payments, reconcile your accounts, market your business online and offline, schedule social media posts, write blogs, reply to emails, answer the phones – the list is ENDLESS. Especially if you are a solo operator or have a very small team to support you.

If you don’t have time to dedicate to regular management of your campaigns, they can end up wasting a lot of your marketing budget when not monitored.

You Don’t Understand Google Ads

Google Ads is not the simplest platform to get your head around. Don’t get me wrong, you can certainly learn how it works and use it to your advantage, but if you don’t take the time to learn the system and how best to use it for your business, it could be a drain rather than a way to grow your business.

No Conversions

Are you seeing any conversions? There is usually a column at campaign, ad group, and keyword level (if you don’t see this, you can edit your columns to add it) to show conversions.

No conversions means you have no idea what’s actually resulting in sales or leads.

And Google Ads should be all about return on investment (ROI), so you NEED to know what’s getting you new customers.

Hundreds Of Conversions

On the other end of the scale, if you’ve got hundreds of conversions showing, this could be another red flag for you. Sure you could be getting hundreds of leads or sales, and if so that’s great – you might not need a Google Ads expert then!

But more often than not, seeing hundreds of conversions is a sign that you’re not really tracking things that actually bring you business. These conversions are usually things like page views (when people have been to specific pages on your website), or smart goals automatically created by Google (that sadly aren’t that smart).

No Ad Extensions

Are there any ad extensions in your campaigns? No?

Ad extensions are one of the quickest changes you can make to drive your campaign results up. You can add sitelink extensions to specific pages on your website, price extensions to show how much your products cost, callout extensions to highlight features and benefits of your business, and now even image extensions which is super cool (well I think so anyway!).

These elements help your ad to appear bigger on the search results page and give people even more opportunities to click on your ad and visit your website, and hopefully to buy from you.

You Want To Grow Your Business

Do you want to grow your business? OK it might sound like a stupid question, who doesn’t?

Google Ads can be a great way to grow your business, get more eyeballs on your website, get people to know your brand and what you offer. But if it’s not set up properly or managed regularly, it can be a complete waste of money and time and effort.

It can also lead you to think that Google Ads doesn’t work – which just isn’t true. If Google Ads didn’t work, it wouldn’t have been around for over 20 years!

Constantly Appearing Below Your Competitors

If you Google your brand name, or the products or services you offer, where does your website show up? Is it at the top of the ads, top of the organic results, or do your competitors almost always appear above you?

If you’re losing out on the results page to your competitors, especially in the ads section, it could be helpful to get a Google Ads expert to review your campaigns to see what you can do to appear above your competitors.

Now, here’s your homework – log into your Google Ads account and have a look through my points above. If you’re seeing what I’ve described, it’s probably time to find a Google Ads specialist to help you grow your business.