One of your greatest assets as a small business owner is building a great team to support you and help you grow your business. So how do you find the right people to build a ‘dream team’?

Here are 9 ways to build a great team:


Find people who have a personal purpose and who know their own personal ‘why’. Individuals who are clear on their own why, are much more likely to be able to understand and relate to the company vision. As an employer, it’s also important for you to help your team fulfil their own goals and dreams as individuals, along with striving for company success.


Give your people the opportunity to do purposeful work. Employees are more likely to work harder and produce better work when they are given the opportunity to work on things that are meaningful to them.


Personal values and company values must align. Firstly, make sure your company values are clear, and that they are in alignment with your own values. Then find people who believe in the same things that you believe, and who are willing to work towards the same goals.


Put your trust in your people to do the job they were hired for. You will get better work out of your team when they know they can get on with their job without someone questioning every move or looking over their shoulder.


Successful businesses are built on a foundation of everyone in the team feeling like they have a stake in the success of the business. Studies have shown that a feeling of ownership even outweighs physical ownership of say company shares or a profit share.


Most employees have experienced how demotivating micro-managing can be. Giving your staff the freedom to make their own decisions can greatly improve productivity and employee satisfaction.


Clear and honest communication is cornerstone to building a great team. Make sure your team knows what is happening day to day and keep them in the loop about future decisions and directions of the business. Even when things go awry, keep communication open and transparent.


Consistency is so important for building trust. Employees need to know where they stand and they want a predictable and consistent experience around all issues in the workplace.


It doesn’t take much to acknowledge hard work, great results or new ideas yet the benefits to the business are huge. Feeling appreciated is a basic human need. Your team will enjoy working hard and will be happy to go the extra mile when they can count on their contribution being acknowledged.