Are you having trouble analysing how your business is performing? Diib is an all-in-one SEO tool encompassing Dashboard, Answer Engine, website analytics, and Tracker to give you the insights you need to know about your website, and help you grow your business.  Knowing how your website and your SEO is performing is important to any business. SEO isn’t a set and forget tool, it needs regular monitoring and updating to ensure you stay on top of the search engine results.  While it’s expected these days for businesses to have a website and other online platforms, if you aren’t using them effectively, are they really helping? Potential customers and your audience use a range of devices and platforms to search for information about your business and to engage with you. Having one place where you can manage your analytics, performance and find opportunities for growth is essential. 

Diib Features

Diib has four main automated tools that can help you grow:
  • Answer Engine – diagnostic tools that scan your site and allow you to create a plan for growth. 
  • Diib Analytics – measuring data is all well and good, but Diib turns that data into real information that you can use to grow your industry, as well as seeing how you measure up to your industry. 
  • Progress Tracker – there’s nothing worse than not being able to track progress of your website and SEO. Diib tracks your progress so you get a long term view of what’s happening. 
  • Learning Library – utilise tips, tools and tutorials to learn more about marketing your business. 
There are plenty of features for businesses of all sizes with Diib, including:
  • Growth plan 
  • Website monitoring
  • Weekly snapshot email
  • Daily health score
  • Industry benchmarking
  • Social media insights
  • SEO & keywords

Diib Pricing Plans

Diib offers two pricing plans for businesses – free and pro. The free plan gives you limited access to the basic features, while for $30/month, the Pro plan gives you everything you need to analyse your website and SEO while growing your business.  If you’re looking for an easy to use website and SEO monitoring, Diib is well worth trying.