Are You Ready For the Real  YOU?

Whose agenda are you living for?

Do your stories / excuses lead your life?

If you are one of those 1000s  tired,  unhealthy, stressed , frustrated, overwhelmed, often overweight women  who have tried every single known diet, recipes, pills, portions and other fade   “ solution “ to get back into your college-jeans, look and feel energetic and sexy again, alas, to no avail…

Are You Ready for the Real You

Have faith.  All is not lost yet.

However,  I feel it is time to reveal to you  Who I am and what led me to What I do and Why…  hoping you  find my story interesting and  inspiring.

I came to Australia fifteen years ago from Israel.  My life experience includes seven years in the Israeli Army where I trained the minds and bodies of eighteen-year-old women who were newly enlisted. My position was to transform them into confident, reliable, healthy and fit soldiers.

As a result of our versatile, emotional / physical training, these ladies grew to be Mature, Proud, Strong women, Fit in mind and body, capable of handling everything life presents to them.

Moving to Australia I noticed the, generally, relaxed, Lay back life- style.

However, I felt, women are left with these “Traditional Three Daily Shifts”: work/ career / home duties and kids never-ending obligations, leaving them no time for… themselves.

I met stressed, tired, impatient, unfit ladies, weak in body / mind

AND, very often, overweight as a result of frustration and unhappiness.

So I made it my Passion and Mission:   To inspire women to love themselves and to be fit in mind and body.  To make themselves a priority while having   FUN   in the process.

As a woman, I , fully, identify with these ladies, and have , passionately, decided , to use my army’s comprehensive training , knowledge and expertise to help professional, busy women ,who are sick and tired of being stressed and over-weight, be healthy, energetic and confident, so they can be there for their families and,  finally, for themselves.

One of the challenges I faced was finding a way to translate what I knew about Army training into how it could be beneficial to the civilian women I was working with.

( Note:  Please don’t let the word  ‘ Army ‘  intimidate you …  Army training simply means an Increase in focus and results.).

For years I have, only, concentrated on Physical Activity training.

However when I realised I am able to give women much more, I noticed women don’t know how to accept compliments, they Give but don’t know to Receive,  they Don’t allow “ Me “ time , for- ever prioritize themselves at the bottom of the list.

Thus I undertook extensive Health Coaching studies to extend my skills, so I gain more tools to lead women to a place…

… They Desire and  Deserve !  And to, Finally, live life On their Own terms.

Women give, give and give to everything and everyone around them.

Rates of Obesity, Diabetics and Depression are going through the roof.

I felt I am capable, willing and ready to help transforming this dire situation, maintaining that it is time women pay a closer, caring attention to

  • who they really are,
  • what they really want and
  • allow themselves some pure, old-fashion FUN,
  • whatever that means for each.

I am  “ Your Personal Inspirator “… I inspire women to abandon their Comfort Zone, their self-imposed limiting beliefs, their Can’t Do attitude, replacing all these with…

I constantly instill in my ladies-trainees the notion that Believing in themselves and developing a Success Mind Set will get them long-lasting results they desire and Deserve!

I train women emotionally and physically for success,

Outdoors – in fresh air, in the park, on the beach…

I want the ladies to see the sky and feel the grass under their bare feet.

All in a creative, balanced and FUN way.

For women, who feel ‘ stuck ‘,  unmotivated,  continuously tired and frustrated , hating themselves and the entire  world….


You are your greatest resource in relationships, business, in every area of your life.  If you don’t manage yourself, you won’t be able to manage anything.

Make sure you prioritize you – even if it means taking something out and   putting yourself in.

Women give and give and give to their family, to the kids, to work, It’s about time they start giving to themselves, and Start recognizing their deserving place in the world.

Loosing weight with Energy and Satisfaction not by suffering and food -deprivation.

I want  YOU  to be happy and excited about life , firstly, for yourself, then  your family and for people around you.

TIME is one thing we cannot bring back.

We can replace physical possessions: home, a car, money, etc., so don’t let another  day, another month, another year go by without making a decision to be the best person  you can, possibly,  be.

And don’t wait until you don’t have a choice.

‘Decide, Commit, and Act’    is a greatest mantra to live by.

Believe in Yourself, acknowledge the importance of deep, honest, authentic relationships and “camaraderie”

Reward yourself for small wins and achievements

Be your own best Cheer-Leader.  Don’t depend on Outside Validation.

Always Live with An Attitude of Gratitude

Taking care of yourself is not a selfish act.  You need to make yourself a priority.  How are you doing with this?

Envision:    Start with the end in mind.  Ask yourself what you want to achieve, who it is for, and what the outcome is…what is your “Why” and how can you gain clarity? 

Explore:   Once you gain clarity, listen to internal guidance.  Surround yourself with successful people who have already achieved what you desire.  Acquire a mentor and utilize the Internet.

Execute:   Self-belief is first.  Develop your own inner-vision, be your own best friend, be yourself, and don’t rely on outside validation.

Relax and believe all is well…and most importantly,


Have  F U N.