It’s that time of the year again – Christmas is coming up soon and that means you’re probably going to celebrate with your colleagues at the office Christmas Party. A perfect occasion to unwind and celebrate a year of hard work together, at times it can turn into an event that affects both business and careers well past the end of the party.

How do you prevent those behaviours and incidents that can turn the perfect festive celebration into a disaster?

Here are some suggestions that will help you avoid a disastrous outcome after the party.

Appropriate Event

Everyone wants to be able to celebrate and join the fun, so make sure to chose an event that suits the majority of the team to the best of your ability. Get to know your employees and consider their likes and dislikes when organising a team activity and selecting the venue. If possible, get them involved in arranging the event so they have a say and you can relax.

Alcohol Management

Alcohol is the biggest risk factor for bad behaviour. When organising a Christmas party for the office, be aware that with alcohol comes the risk of a lack of judgement and that can lead to behaviours that most people would never think they’re capable of, including harassing a colleague or using inappropriate language. If alcohol is served at your Christmas party, make sure to exercise discretion. Ensure responsible service of alcohol laws are followed and consider how your employees will get home safely after the event.

Remember, You’re Still At Work

Even though it may be the one time you have to let your hair down all year, be mindful that it is still an official work function and company policies and procedures apply.  Even if you are drunk when you make that offensive joke and don’t remember it in the morning, others will and it could have disastrous long-term effects on your career. Try and maintain a level of professionalism at all times but don’t forget to have fun and enjoy your colleague’s company. And never discuss pay raises or promotions – you never know you else can hear you.

Be Social Media Aware

Gone are the days of what happened at the Christmas Party stays at the Christmas Party. Your Christmas party blooper is highly like to end up on Facebook or Instagram. And if you are the Social Media expert in the room, remember the privacy and anti-bullying policies of your company. Check with the people in the photos that they’re okay with it being posted because once they are out there you can’t undo it.

Have Fun

Don’t forget the most important thing – Christmas parties are made to have fun. Mingle with people you don’t normally work with, talk about things other than work and enjoy the festive food and drink. You work hard all year long and deserve to enjoy the season.

These helpful tips will help ensure your event is merry in all the right ways!