Author: Therese Ravell

How To Avoid A Christmas Party Disaster

It’s that time of the year again – Christmas is coming up soon and that means you’re probably going to celebrate with your colleagues at the office Christmas Party. A perfect occasion to unwind and celebrate a year of hard work together, at times it can turn into an event that affects both business and careers well past the end of the party. How do you prevent those behaviours and incidents that can turn the perfect festive celebration into a disaster? Here are some suggestions that will help you avoid a disastrous outcome after the party. Appropriate Event Everyone...

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Business Style Bikini Body

At this time of year we are regularly bombarded with articles about getting ready for summer. Apparently, now is the time to get ready to don the Bikini and start exercising so we look our best for the exciting and busy times ahead.


But as a busy business owner, now is the time when we often become swamped with work requests that are due before Christmas and either planning for the seasonal up-kick or down-turn that accompanies this time of year.

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