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Are initial letters a good trade mark?

Combinations of 3 or more letters can be registered as a trade mark, but can provide quite narrow protection against use or registration of rival marks on similar goods or services. KFC opposed Grill’d’s trade mark application for HFC and lost because the Trade Marks Office considered that KFC and HFC were not sufficiently similar.

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The Importance of Trust Deeds and How to Handle Them in 2024

Trust deeds serve as crucial legal contracts that ensure transparency, security, and compliance in transactions. They define rights and responsibilities, mitigate risks, and offer flexibility for customization. Furthermore, trust deeds are adapting to technological advancements, enhancing efficiency and security. In a dynamic financial environment, understanding and effectively managing trust deeds are essential for stakeholders to navigate transactions confidently and securely.

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Legal obligations When Using AI in Your business

In a business world that is ever changing with the increasing use of automation, Artificial Intelligence is rapidly becoming the fastest way to streamline your business needs. Using AI can reduce costs, increase productivity, and enhance your ability to communicate effectively with your customers. However, there are legal implications to using AI that are necessary to understand so that your company’s use of AI is within legal and ethical bounds.

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What to Expect from Settlement Negotiations

Being involved in any sort of legal dispute can be overwhelming and stress inducing. People are often particularly worried about having to go to court and appear in front of a Judge. And, giving testimony can be considered a harrowing experience. While going to court is always an option, settlement negotiations can help you avoid expensive and stressful litigation.

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Are codes of practice legally binding?

Codes of practice are not simply nice business behaviours that we should all demonstrate, although they are that too. Workplace codes of practice are the minimum standard practical guides that help employers and workers comply with the work health and safety (WHS) laws in Australia. They cover various aspects of workplace safety, such as hazards and chemicals management, and the safe performance of specific tasks. But are codes of practice legally binding?

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Paid Parental Leave Changes 2023

The Australian government has announced plans to extend the paid parental leave from 18 weeks to 26 weeks over the next four years. This move is aimed at closing the gender pay gap, increasing women’s participation in the workforce, and providing families with more flexibility during important stages of their children’s development. Learn about what changes are coming, and what they mean for Employers and Employees in this article.

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