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Crypto markets show maturity & How to protect yourself from deepfake video call scams

Crypto markets used to be filled with Ponzi schemes, celebrity influencers, MLM and childish cowboys. Now that crypto has welcomed large Wall Street firms such as Blackrock and Fidelity, there seems to be some grown-ups in the room.
Meanwhile, scammers have become more sophisticated and will use deepfake video on video conference calls to trick you into sending them money. Learn what to look out for so you are not the next victim.

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The Importance of Trust Deeds and How to Handle Them in 2024

Trust deeds serve as crucial legal contracts that ensure transparency, security, and compliance in transactions. They define rights and responsibilities, mitigate risks, and offer flexibility for customization. Furthermore, trust deeds are adapting to technological advancements, enhancing efficiency and security. In a dynamic financial environment, understanding and effectively managing trust deeds are essential for stakeholders to navigate transactions confidently and securely.

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How Banks Craft Compelling Narratives to Market Credit Cards

Take a look at the sophisticated marketing strategies Australian banks employ to promote frequent flyer credit cards, focusing on crafting compelling narratives that appeal to consumers’ desires for adventure, exclusivity, and rewards. David Boyd, co-founder of, emphasizes the importance of storytelling in marketing these financial products, transforming them from mere financial tools into keys that unlock a world of possibilities.

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Strategies for Managing a Business Loan After Securing Funds for Your Company

This blog explores essential strategies for effectively managing business finances post-securing funds. Emphasizing the critical role of financial management in sustained growth, it delves into practices like comparing forecasts to actual performance, adjusting projections, and optimizing cash flow. The importance of strategic fund utilization is highlighted, offering practical approaches for small businesses. The comprehensive guide covers financial planning, milestone setting, loan monitoring,

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Top 5 Cash Flow Hurdles for Aussie SMEs

The top 5 cash flow challenges facing Australian SMEs.

With access to bank finance tight and rising expenses, many small business owners are being forced to dip into their own personal savings to make ends meet.

Leading Australian business financing company OptiPay has revealed the top cash flow challenges being faced at the moment including slow paying customers and rapid expansion.

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Under Pressure – Small Businesses Struggling Under Weight of Inflation

A new survey of 200 small businesses in Australia has shed light on the profound impact of rising costs on entrepreneurs across the country – with over 60 per cent of respondents reporting challenges in paying bills for essential products and services. With prices on the rise and with little sign of cost increases easing, business owners are implementing creative strategies to keep their heads above water.

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