Author: Rolf Howard

What to Expect from Settlement Negotiations

Being involved in any sort of legal dispute can be overwhelming and stress inducing. People are often particularly worried about having to go to court and appear in front of a Judge. And, giving testimony can be considered a harrowing experience. While going to court is always an option, settlement negotiations can help you avoid expensive and stressful litigation.

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Are codes of practice legally binding?

Codes of practice are not simply nice business behaviours that we should all demonstrate, although they are that too. Workplace codes of practice are the minimum standard practical guides that help employers and workers comply with the work health and safety (WHS) laws in Australia. They cover various aspects of workplace safety, such as hazards and chemicals management, and the safe performance of specific tasks. But are codes of practice legally binding?

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Workers’ Compensation investigations and what they look for

Workplace injuries, whether physical or mental, are sometimes straightforward, but often are anything but straightforward and can be quite complicated. Where there is uncertainty regarding the facts, or where any degree of accidental or deliberate fraud is suspected, it may be necessary to instigate an investigation. Rolf Howard discusses what you need to know.

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