Author: Rolf Howard

How to drive employee engagement in a flexible workplace

A strong business, with sound leadership and quality management, a safe workplace with clearly defined employee roles and expectations – these things are a given, and are the foundations of workplace satisfaction. However, that marvel tool of management, employee recognition, now almost requires that employees’ needs be listened to, and addressed. That said, it is a two-way street, but mutual regard, respect, and understanding between management and staff can be a powerful catalyst to a thriving business.

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When can an employee return to work after being on workers compensation?

Once injured on the job it can be difficult to assess when an employee is ready to return. This is often due to differences of opinion regarding the worker’s ongoing level of disability, available work, and the employers’/insurance carriers’ willingness to continue to make workers compensation payments to an injured employee. Based on all this, the insurance carrier has the right to make a decision with regards to the employees capacity to return to work.

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