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5 Tips to Be More Productive Working from Home During COVID

Over the past year many people have started working from home in response to the COVID health crisis. Many of those workers never worked from home before and had to quickly adapt to being at-home teachers while balancing a full-time workload without appropriate resources, skills or training. Start with these 5 simple tips to increase productivity and reduce stress at home.

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4 key ways to improvise work-life balance as a new business owner

Striking a perfect work-life-balance has been a constant battle for business owners new and old, for generations. Today, as we adjust to the new normal of working from home, the true essence of ‘work-life-balance’ is lost somewhere between 24/7 on all days, but perhaps it is imperative that we make a conscious effort in creating our own barriers before we work ourselves to the bone and burnout.

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How to Support the Mental Health of Employees Working Remotely

As we head towards the end of the year, many individuals are feeling the load of stress, anxiety and uncertainty that has built up over time. Many are also bracing for the challenges likely to arise when government support for businesses and individuals ceases in the new year. With all of this in mind, here are a few strategies that your business can implement to support the mental health and wellbeing of employees while working remotely.

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10+ Years of Tips for Managing a Remotely Distributed Team

This year has seen a momentous change in the working lives of many Australians, with the morning commute being replaced with a walk across the hallway. For some this was a welcome change, but for others — especially business owner / operators and managers — it has been nothing short of a baptism of fire.

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7 Impacts of Email Overload on Psychological Health in the Workplace

One of the main threats to psychological safety is the volume of email that employees are expected to handle on a
daily basis and, increasingly, the workload that results from these new messages. Keeping up with all the new inputs we receive from a wide range of technological devices takes up a lot of our time each day.

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