Author: Clive Enever

The core elements of customer creation and care

Without them you wouldn’t be in business, but how good are your strategies for finding, creating and caring for your customers? We’d all like to think we all rate A+ in how we attract and handle our clientele, but the truth is many a business could do a bit better or could be missing a link in the vital chain. So here’s a quick back to basics guide on customer creation and care. Know your customer “The purpose of business is to create and keep a customer.” ― Peter F. Drucker Every business has an ideal customer. This is...

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Taking the plunge – shifting from sole trader to small business

Many a great business has humble beginnings, with innumerable enterprises starting out as sole operators who individually offer their expertise to the world. But what happens when demand exceeds supply and your business needs to step up from sole trader to a staffed business which offers more services than you alone can provide?   Here are the top tips and things to consider as you make the jump from independent operator to small business with staff… When Chances are you’ll know it when you alone are not enough to meet the demands of your business. It might be the...

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Questions to ask before you buy a business

Buying a business can be a great way to step right into an established venture and seize the opportunity to take it to new heights. But it can also be a potential minefield and isn’t a quick purchase anyone should enter into lightly. Along with undertaking due diligence and seeking standard documentation like financials, business plans and inventory lists, there are a series of questions you should be asking the business seller and a few pertinent queries to put to yourself. So here are the top eight things to ask before you buy a business. What do you bring...

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When to sell a business

Every now and then most business owners will ponder the prospects of selling their business. After the work involved in building it, driving it and being financially responsible for it, selling is the cash in at the end of the day. Here are the three top reasons for selling, and a checklist to make sure you get the best result. Personal Most business owners choose to exit for personal reasons whether planned or unforeseen. These can include retirement, a change in lifestyle, health issues, burnout or the opportunity to move on and do something else. Selling can also be...

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Three tech tools no coach should be without

The new age of technology can be pretty overwhelming when it comes to selecting the right tools to suit your coaching business. After all we’re spoiled for choice with appointment apps, social networking sites and even your own business website that could all use some attention. Here’s the shortlist of the best tech tools to help you build a network, hone your identity and manage your business. Professional Arguably the most important asset any coach can build is their professional image and this starts with your own website or Facebook page. Your online image should reflect the reputable nature...

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