Author: Clive Enever

Recommended Reads for any stage of the Business Journey

In business knowledge is power, and sometimes this wisdom is best attained through the carefully crafted words of others. Whether you’re starting out, at the top of your game or re-evaluating your business goals, the following is a list of seminal reads for any business operator or entrepreneur. Each brings a unique perspective on the power of thought, motivation and strategy that is destined to inspire, help you better understand your actions and enable you to reframe your thinking for success. Here is my list of recommended reads for anyone at any point of the business journey. Think and...

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Santa Claus is coming to town – and business should be prepared

As the countdown commences to Christmas, the big guy in red isn’t the only one who should be making a list and checking it twice. In fact the coming weeks of the consumer and service calendar are some of the busiest of the business year, meaning operators should be making every effort to ensure they’ve ticked every box on a lengthy Christmas list. After all your customers will see you if you’re sleeping, they’ll know when you’re awake, they’ll remember if your bad or good, so be good for goodness sake… And with that little ditty now resonating in...

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Five signs you need to hire help in your business

For many business owners the idea of either hiring someone or bringing in staff can be daunting. And due to the nature of business it’s often something operators fail to plan for, instead waiting to be overwhelmed before they reach out and seek assistance. So before you hit that critical point, here are the telltale signs it’s time to step up and hire help to take your business further. You have no time Small business may be challenging and intensive, but if you have no time for other pursuits or your family life is suffering, it’s time to work...

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Amazon is coming – What can you learn from Amazon?

For months rumblings of Amazon’s imminent arrival in Australia has been ruffling the feathers of major and minor retailers alike. This e-commerce behemoth looks set to change the playing field of retail in Australia, and not only has it unnerved potential competitors, its strategy has some very prudent lessons for business in general. Here are five key takeaways for business in an Amazonian world… Know your market Amazon didn’t start its meteoric rise as a grocery retailer, electronics supplier or internet marketplace of trending items. It began as a humble online bookstore in 1994 after entrepreneur Jeff Bezos flagged...

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The core elements of customer creation and care

Without them you wouldn’t be in business, but how good are your strategies for finding, creating and caring for your customers? We’d all like to think we all rate A+ in how we attract and handle our clientele, but the truth is many a business could do a bit better or could be missing a link in the vital chain. So here’s a quick back to basics guide on customer creation and care. Know your customer “The purpose of business is to create and keep a customer.” ― Peter F. Drucker Every business has an ideal customer. This is...

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