Author: Clive Enever

The Biggest Little Word in Business

Of all the words that matter in business, perhaps this one matters the most – ‘why?’
So why does it matter so much? Good question.
‘Why’ determines a number of business elements, including your reason for being in business, and also the reason a customer would select your products and services over those offered by someone else.
So, let’s take a look at the importance of knowing your why and how it helps you achieve business success.

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The importance of seeking feedback

Customer feedback provides a level of detail about your business that goes far beyond what your quarterly numbers and data may reveal.
In many ways it provides the ‘why’ of trends occurring within your business.
Importantly, customer feedback can reveal something is ‘wrong’, or ‘right’ long before that becomes apparent in your sales data and business ledgers. And this allows you to take action early, either doubling down on your efforts, or altering a product or service to better suit your ideal customer.

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Top tips for analysing tech for your business

The world of business technology can be a noisy space, with bright, shiny new products consistently hitting the market. From Customer Relationship Management software to workflow apps, and social media automation tools, some of these products can make a real difference to how your business operates, allowing you to streamline tasks and offer better service.

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