The simple truth is that positive workspaces are more productive and attractive to talent.

But how do we make a working environment a second home to its employees? 

Buying new furnituresetting up a nice shiny office space, and jimmy snacks won’t do the trick anymore to keep your employees happy and excited about their job. The new generations are taking things personally, so you should too!

Personalise your communication and work environment based on the people in your organisation. Set values that correspond with the current organisational structure of your business, and invite your employees to the conversation. Having strong team relationships can make the most tedious tasks enjoyable.

On the other hand, mediocre workplace relationships can only decrease motivation levels while lowering the performance across the organisation. When the team is on good terms – the workplace ultimately becomes a safe space, and people won’t have to be resistant every time they want to bring something new to the table – ideas, suggestions, and feedback. 

Great relationships also offer a higher degree of freedom. Rather than spending our precious resources (time, attention, and energy) on solving issues associated with bad relationships, the focus is on fructifying opportunities.  

Things that you can start doing to encourage good relationships are: 

  • Organise frequent team activities (It doesn’t have to be an all-inclusive team-building weekend getaway)
  • Bring some board games to the office
  • Organise movie nights or theatre visits 
  • Start clubs – book/hiking/cycling  
  • Get involved in a social cause together 
  • Mix people up when you assign tasks
  • Create a buddy system

People often team up with familiar faces and don’t mix up with the new bees; therefore – good relationships stay between the small circle of people in the office.