With the widespread and increasing importance of social media, Facebook’s advertising platform has allowed companies and brands to reach their targeted audience from all over the world.

Knowing how social media advertising is becoming popular, you need to find the perfect start and Facebook is what you are looking for. Starting your advertising campaign with Facebook Ads and you will not make any mistakes.  Let’s learn how to do the best Facebook Advertising campaign without much effort.

Why Facebook Ads? 

Would you like to target children’s products or would you prefer travel destinations? Maybe even vegan food in certain counties or states? All you need to do is look no further than Facebook. Facebook ads are helpful with targeting and retargeting people, so you do not need to worry if your post would be seen by someone not interested in what you are offering.

Facebook ads are easy to use, and the best part is they are connected to Instagram ads which can also be helpful to boost traffic on more social media platforms. 

Facebook advertising advantage

One of the biggest advantages Facebook ads hold is the fact they can reach a broad audience, as mentioned above. What is more, Facebook ads give you a lot of options to explore, one of them being targeting a specific group of people.

Another benefit of Facebook advertising is that they make remarketing easy. Remarketing, often referred to as retargeting, is when you show an ad to those who may have clicked on your website before but, for whatever reason, didn’t make a purchase.

Many people are turning to Instagram, but are unaware that there are important differences between these two popular platforms. Although Instagram is more used for influencers, Facebook is way more effective when it comes to social media marketing. Since the biggest goal of Facebook Ads is to put your content in front of users without waiting for them to come find you this is a great advantage. 

The cost of Facebook advertising

Facebook advertising price is low when you compare it to other social media platforms which can be used for marketing campaigns and strategies.

The best thing about the cost is that you can predetermine it in Facebook Ad Manager platform which you set yourself on posting the ad. The benefit of this is the fact that you will never have to spend more than you planned for. For more extensive ad campaigns designed to reach more than a thousand people, you can use reach and frequency buying for a locked price.

A daily budget is what it sounds like: the amount you’re willing to spend per day on an ad set or campaign. Lifetime budgets involve the amount you’re ready to pay for the entirety of your ad set or campaign.

Types of Facebook Ads

When it comes to Facebook ads it is only natural that there are few different types of ads. You might feel overwhelmed when you realise there are various formats too.

Firstly, there are static image ads used to advertise your brand or product through image, but allows you to include texts and links.  

Secondly, these are becoming very popular these days, video ads. Similarly to image ads, video ads are created to advertise your product or brand through videos. You can either decide on a single video or a carousel which allows ten pictures or videos in one ad. Facebook video ad options range from short, looping video clips that auto-play in users’ feeds, to original 241-minute promoted videos for the desktop. 

Thirdly, there are collections ads. These kinds of ads are helpful if you have many things to advertise, since they allow you to promote multiple products and let the customers enjoy the benefits of exploring. When a user clicks on one, it opens an Instant Experience, which is another type of ad. Instant Experiences provide a full-screen look at your brand and its products or services. 

With all that behind us, you’re ready to set up your first Facebook Ads campaign! As you can notice, this is not something very difficult, all you have to do is decide what you need to advertise. For the rest, it will come to you.