Creating the concept for your business is more often than not the easy part. It may have taken you a while to conceptualise your vision or you may have had one of those lightbulb moments in the shower.

Whichever way you have found what it is you want to bring to life and share with the world. And why wouldn’t you? It is something you love or has helped you in your life.

Now you want to get it out on the global stage for everyone to have as well.

Yet, how when there is so much competition and noise out there? How do you get prospective clients to hear you? By finding your voice – your unique gorgeous voice. I recently read this: don’t be the reason you don’t succeed.

Finding Your Voice is a skill

We all set out with such high intentions. It is exciting and at the same time daunting. So where do you start? How do you get your message and brand out there? Which is the best way to go? What I have found over the years is that finding my voice was one of the most important things I could do to get my business to be heard over all the noise.

However, it isn’t a skill we were taught in childhood. Many of us were taught to be seen and not heard. Our young opinions didn’t count. We were told what to do, what to like, and what we needed. There wasn’t much room for self-expression and being able to communicate what was important for us.

Don’t wait. Start now.

When you connect to your unique voice you speak with confidence, strength and conviction. You’re coming from a space of power and authenticity. You speak your truth from your heart. Furthermore, you are able to listen to the needs of your prospective client in such a way that they feel heard.

People always love to hear and see the real you. The world is missing out on you and your uniqueness if you keep your voice small and hidden. Remember, life is a better place with you in it. The world needs your strong, kind and powerful voice that is behind your brand.

Yet what holds you back?

Your sense of self with all your old stories and limiting beliefs. Does speaking out make you feel anxious? Do you begin to perspire or tremble inside? Do you feel nauseous and then find you have lost your voice? Or do you get aggressive, speak with a loud voice and bulldoze your way through a conversation?

Sometimes, this is the only way you feel heard, is by being loud and bolshy. Other times, you hold yourself back out of fear of being ridiculed, rejected or cast aside as unimportant. Either way, you lose out.

Initially, I felt awkward putting myself out there as the face of my brand, despite loving what I had created. I personally wanted to remain behind the scenes, which didn’t make sense as I am an outgoing personality. However, talking about what I do was frightening and daunting. Would anyone like me? Want what I do? So, I held myself back. Finding my voice was difficult at first as I had to overcome these obstacles – lack of confidence, self-esteem and belief in myself.

This meant looking at how I reacted to people and situations, what words I used, the tone of my voice and my body language. Painful at times. It is not easy to admit that you play a role in an interaction when you feel it is not your fault. What does this scream out at you? Victim, not being accountable for your own actions, blaming others, etc.

Finding your voice supports you finding the words to get your message out there and expressing yourself effectively so you get noticed and heard. It helps you word your about me page and your website. It helps develop your word bank, writing blogs, social media posts and marketing so it resonates with your prospective customers. You are able to speak with a sense of surety and from the heart. You are being uniquely you without the need to blend in with the crowd.

What can help you find your voice

Writing. Start writing in a notebook. If you don’t know where to start, simply start. This is such great advice by Julie Cameron who wrote the Artist’s Way. It doesn’t need to make sense or even be relevant to your business. I found this to be very useful as it got me in touch with what was holding me back from expressing myself. I connected to what was important to me and what words were pertinent to not only who I was but also to my business.

Over a period of time, I become proficient in how to express myself and the words flowed. I was no longer caught up in my fears. I allowed myself to be mindfully and truthfully me. And my life and my business took on a whole different perspective.

You’ll find that you’ll become more confident in who you are and how you express yourself. You create consistency and constancy which is what clients love and want. You build trust, loyalty and connection – all important and vital ingredients for a financially successful and sustainable business.

Now I love to speak and talk about what I do. And I am finding as I grow my voice grows. It is exciting, fun and challenging all at the same time. And there are days when I still only want to squeak. It is about finding the balance between the two.

It takes time to find your voice. Yet, it is the most beautiful and joyful experience when you do. Your whole life will change, and your vision will take you on a whole new journey –one full of joy, excitement, growth, expansion and fun beyond your wildest dreams.