We know you feel it. That rush when you see a new account has started following your business. It makes you giddy with excitement. You start thinking about how many people have followed you in the last week. Could this be it? Could you be making the ascent to business Insta notoriety? The spoils! The riches! And off you go to bed, basking in the glow of Insta satisfaction and dreaming about sipping expensive champagne in the back of your limo…..  The next day, you log in and see your Insta account has dropped 7 followers.…..?

You’re not alone. This happens to everyone, and we decided it was time to help you understand your followers. Are they your friend? Or here to ruin your day and dictate your mood.

  1. Fake out. Unfortunately, there’s still a lot of bot activity on Insta. Even though there’s been a good clean out of fake accounts, as soon as the bots are gone, they’re back in some other form. You’ll find that when Instagram cracks down on fake accounts, your numbers may drop.
  1. Automation Another type of bot, where some accounts pay to have software like, follow and comment on their behalf. There are also sneaky types of software that follow an account, and if you don’t follow back, then you get unfollowed. So again, you’ll see your numbers go up….. then, because you don’t follow back, your numbers will go down.
  1. You’re so vain. No, not you personally. But did you know that when it comes to how successful your Insta account is, it actually has nothing to do with how many followers and likes you have? Yeah, sure, it’s nice to have a huge following but those metrics are considered vanity metrics. What you really want to look at is your post engagement, how many people commented, tagged someone, saved the post, sent the post to someone, viewed your profile and visited your website? Those are the metrics you want to be looking at. The more engagement you have, the more engaged your audience is with your content, which, over time will turn into customers.

Hopefully we’ve made you feel a bit better about the fact that having loads of followers isn’t all that.