The team has assembled in the meeting room. They are full of ideas about your new project and are ready to blurt them out. But how do you capture everyone’s thoughts and channel them into great outcomes?

No matter how simple or complex the project, 3M Post-it Teamwork Tools will help keep your team focused, collaborate more, track progress and drive results. Post-it® products enable your team to explore more ideas and find a solution to any challenge.

How 3M Post-it Teamwork Tools can help capture your team’s bright ideas

Post-it Easel Pads provide large pages you can tear off and stick around the room so you can see the big picture and build on each other’s ideas. The large format is also great for highlighting meeting agendas, capturing action items and meeting summaries.

Post-it  Super Sticky Notes have twice the sticking power of regular Post-it® Notes, so your ideas will stick and stay stuck to almost any surface. Or you can move them around the room and they won’t fall off. Post-it® Super Sticky Notes come in a range of bright colours to help you group ideas or processes.

Post-it Dry Erase Surface helps inspire your team by turning almost any surface into a whiteboard. It comes in a roll so you can cut it to whatever size you need, then simply unpeel and stick to create a smooth surface that’s easy to write on and erase. Cover any surface to encourage collaboration anywhere – the possibilities are endless!

More teamwork ideas

3M Post-it Teamwork Tools are perfect for brainstorming, SWOT analysis, project management and scrum methodology. To find out more about how Post-it® Teamwork Tools can help you get the best out of your team, visit


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