As a podcaster, you’ve likely invested plenty of time in creating, editing and publishing your podcast content (not to mention sharing it). However you may have noticed, like many, that your downloads aren’t increasing – there’s not enough people listening no matter how many big names you interview, how much interesting content you put out there or how many times you share.

It’s not you and you aren’t alone.


In many cases, the audience that you are attempting to reach isn’t exactly tech savvy, and in some cases, may not know what a podcast is, no matter how much great content you put out there. One thing many podcasters find is that their intended audience don’t actually have the devices they need to access podcasts.

So how to overcome this slight issue without feeling like all that time has been wasted? By adding your podcast recordings to your website.

Simple Podcast Press allows you to add every single episode of your podcast to your website, which means that anyone, with any device can access your content. It’s as simple as letting them push a play button and start listening.

What is Simple Podcast Press?

Simple Podcast Press is a WordPress plugin, so if your website is based on WordPress, you install the plugin, add in your iTunes URL and you’re all set up. Within minutes you’ll start to see your podcast episodes populating on your website with a unique page for every episode, as well as a mobile-friendly player, full description and any images.

How Often is My Website Updated?

It’s understandable that after planning the content and recording and publishing your podcast that you don’t want to spend even more time uploading it to your website. But here’s the great thing about Simple Podcast Press – everytime you publish a new episode, it automatically appears on your site.

Compatible with a range of podcasting platforms including Lidsyn, Soundcloud, iTunes and Appendipity this is more than just a plug in to play your podcasts. You can showcase your latest 4 and 5 start iTunes reviews, and add customised CTA buttons on all pages.

Every podcaster is looking for ways to get in front of more listeners – Simple Podcast Press can help you in just a few easy steps.

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